Fast and Furious? Sandy Hook Shooting

School shootings are what brought about the gun bans in other countries, and this might be the formula that  Obama is following.   Deaths of the youngest kids might be just the ticket for Obama to convince people that all guns should be banned everywhere, leaving us all even more helpless than those in such states as Connecticut, where the gun laws are already very strict.

Our confused news media hasn’t even been sure of the shooter’s identity, giving the brother of the shooter all sorts of additional social problems by publishing his name as the perpetrator.

Schools have been transformed into target rich environments  of helpless victims, as nearly all of them are known to be gun free zones, and the students are inculcated with “anti-bullying” doctrine accompanied by zero tolerance for self defense instincts.  

Prayers for the families of the people killed by one more confused and crazy guy, reared in the cognitive dissonance of  America’s increasing  spiritual vacuum.  How was he to know that killing kids is objectively wrong, when his own president thinks it should be  legal to throw newborn babies in a soiled linen room of a hospital to die?

Obama, the poster boy of  spiritual vacuum, managed to squeeze out a fake tear for the children, while addressing  today’s tragic consequence of America’s spiral into the toilet.

Pharmer wonders if another Fast and Furious project might be supplying  the guns to deranged people  for these kinds of shootings, as they have been supplying  the Mexican drug cartels.  It would take a special effort  to overcome the strict policies in these gun-restrictive states and their schools.   How else to bring about a change in public sentiment and a federal ban on firearms?