In Chenpeng village, Henan province, a crazy man slashed 22 children and an adult at the gate of a school.   This comes from  the Xinhua news agency on Friday.

This isn’t an isolated incident in the country where most people are limited to having only one child.   In 2010,  a man slashed 28 kindergarten aged kids,  two teachers and a guard at a school in Eastern China.

Despite the obvious,  the U.S. media had already begun a full scale campaign to use the  tragic deaths of Connecticut kindergarteners to push an anti-gun political agenda.   This mission was pursued with uncanny speed, even before information on the attack and the perpetrator had been sorted out.  Similarly the media also failed to report accurately on the deaths of the hundreds of Mexican citizens killed by the Mexican drug cartels, armed with U.S. government supplied guns of the Fast and Furious operation, for the sake of that same anti-gun agenda.