Obama Sells Gun Control By Assuring Us that Government is Incompetent to Protect Us

Obama’s explanation for the American lives lost in the Benghazi embassy is “sloppiness…. not intentional”.  Listen to more, for yourself, if you are feeling bulimic today. Hillary fell down, hit her empty head, and is unlikely to ever appear before Congress to explain her part in the debacle. No one from the Obama administration has lost their job as a result of this neglect. Requests from security forces leaving Benghazi last August, and repeated requests from the embassy itself, for more security, were rebuffed by the CIA and the White house. Calls for help during the attack were met with direct refusals to assist, and orders to neighboring security forces to stand down. After the attack, no American personnel were sent to investigate for weeks, and CNN reporters freely roamed the premises, picking up classified documents. This odd lack of concern is what fueled the popular idea that Obama has been sending arms to Al Quaeda, and no one involved in that mission was to survive.
But Obama tells us that he had no ulterior motives, he’s just incompetent, and he doesn’t mind letting the entire world know it.
That should be reassuring to everyone who’s thinking of giving up their guns to government buy back programs, and supporting new and useless gun bans.
It took police about 20 minutes to respond to the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, which is NOT a remote area. Teachers and children in public schools are unarmed and unprotected as a matter of public policy.
The government has shown us again and again that it lacks the ability and resolve to protect us from violent and crazy people.
Is your life worth protecting? Please understand that the government is unwilling or too incompetent to help you with that. It’s a job that you’ll have to do yourself, if you think you’re worth it.

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  1. Obama was the one person that has done a lot for this country and I am sure he was supposed to be in the government. I really like the decisions that has been taken by this person in the period as a president.

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