Kiddie Porn Is Now Legal in New York, Says Gizmodo

Kiddie Porn Is Now Legal in New York.

It’s a technicality which makes viewing all the kiddie porn OK in New York State.  A pervert can be at it 24/7, and it’s no problem as long as he/she/it remembers not to willfully download it.

Of course the stuff you see through your browser is cached in temp files, so it really is downloaded on your drive til you flush them out.

With respect to other acts, the courts wish to pass judgment based upon criminal INTENT.  Killing another human is graded this way in the legal system.  There is also the concept of hate crime,  in which the penalty can become more severe based upon external  guesses about how the perpetrator feels about the victim of the crime.

Oddly  Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick reverses the trend of judicial mind reading.  This kiddie porn decision  protects those who accidentally make a wrong click when surfing the net from legal penalties, but it also protects the  perverts who habitually support  the criminal abuse of children.

Related NewYorkism:  Remember Columbia Professor David Epstein?   He’s now on leave, according to the university faculty website. 


Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’ – Telegraph

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’ – Telegraph.

Travel carefully.  Other places do not have religious freedom.    You might be imprisoned or hung for saying the wrong thing.

Asia Bibi, a 45 year old mother of five is sentenced to hang for defaming Muhammed, although there is no evidence that she actually did or said such a thing.

Great Britain is another place of extreme political correctness, although at this time you might only be imprisoned for “hate speech” if you speak  opposition to Islam or to gay practice.

Special Condemnation of this Crime from The Elites

8 gang suspects arraigned in NYC anti-gay attack – Yahoo! News.

Sure wish that the Elites, such as Mayor Bloomberg of NYC thought that abuse and  rapes of women and children merited the special condemnation that they  reserved for attack on gays  by a gang in his city.

Pharmer is one of those people who thinks that equal crimes should bring equal punishment, and that torturing and raping children and women is just as bad as doing that stuff to gays.

Perhaps there would be less of that going on if our leftie elitists felt the same way and acted on it.

Remember, Portland Oregon……… the US capital of sex slavery..…. has TWO,  count em….  ONLY TWO vice cops.