David Epstein, Palin Hating Leftist, in a bit of trouble

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David Epstein

Columbia professor is charged with incest, accused of bedding a young relative for 3 years – NY Daily news.

Political science professor, David Epstein,  a well known fixture of Columbia, frequent media source of political comentary,  and sometime blogger at Huffington Post,  may be a bit less visible in coming months.

He’s busy with charges of incest, for allegedly  having a three year sexual relationship with a relative.

Just checking:   This relationship is said to have started after the victim turned 18.  Epstein is 46.  Cousins are permitted to marry in New York, (but not in Kentucky 🙂  ). So, for this relationship to be illegal for reasons of incest, the relationship is apparently closer than first cousin.

Wandering through the blogosphere, we find that the relationship has apparently  been with his daughter, now 24, and that his facebook page now lists him as single.

What is with these leftists?

Much more opinion and commentary is available HERE, juxtaposing Epstein’s political views and his current troubles.

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