It Almost Worked On Clarence Thomas, So They’ll Try It On Herman Cain

Exclusive: Two women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior – Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman and Anna Palmer and Kenneth P. Vogel –

It almost worked to get rid of  Clarence Thomas when he was nominated for Supreme Court.

Herman Cain predicted it: Lefties are going to try it again on him,  not having been able to find evidence of actual unsavory behavior.

They dug up a couple of women who claimed that words or gestures of Herman Cain made them feel uncomfortable and accused him of sexual harassment.

It appears that Herman Cain was not capable of gross sexual imposition, unwanted advances, rape, a Kennedy/waitress/Dodd sandwich, impregnating his mistress while the spouse was being treated for cancer, driving his girlfriend off of a bridge and drowning her, paying for an abortion for his mistress, etc.

This  is too wimpy.  Cain is not disgusting enough to be president!!

The current RNC is likely to  go along with the Dems on this, because they need Romney to be their candidate.  That way they can maintain their current position in Washington DC.  They’ve been bent over so long, it would hurt to straighten up.

5/15/11 Washington Examininer: Cain saw it coming–

“But wouldn’t liberals and Democrats still find a racially-based way to attack Cain?  They certainly found a way to attack Clarence Thomas, the black, conservative Supreme Court justice.”

“They’re going to come after me more viciously than they would a white candidate,” Cain responded.  “You’re right.  Clarence Thomas.  And so, to use Clarence Thomas as an example, I’m ready for the same high-tech lynching that he went through — for the good of this country.”  Cain smiled broadly.  “I’m ready for the same high-tech lynching.”

Update from Washington Examiner: The gesture that got Herman Cain in trouble with an employee is described in an interview with Greta Van Susteren, to be aired at a future date.
“She was in my office one day, and I made a gesture saying — and I was standing close to her — and I made a gesture saying you are the same height as my wife. And I brought my hand up to my chin saying, ‘My wife comes up to my chin.'” At that point, Cain gestured with his flattened palm near his chin. “And that was put in there [the complaint] as something that made her uncomfortable,” Cain said, “something that was in the sexual harassment charge.”
Van Susteren asked whether the woman compla
ined at the time. “I can’t recall any comment that she made, positive or negative.”

How To Get Extra Free Play For Your Ad

Herman Cain found the secret to manipulating his rivals and opponents to obtain extra publicity. What a guy! This is why he is so huge in the polls with next to nothing for money.
Because his campaign manager is seen taking a drag on a suck-stick, the anti smoking NAZIs are going to bring Cain huge amounts of extra free airplay. SMILE

Imagine what this guy could do in foreign and economic policy!

Media Bids to Drop Two Republicans with One Shot

Perry’s Link to N-Word Place Name Puts Campaign on Defensive –

Put on the same boots you wear to the barn before you click above.

The Leftie media is having  orgasms over a story that an old hunting property Leased  by the Perry family had the nasty N-word written on a rock.  Apparently the property had that in its name long ago, before that family leased it.

None of these media people have ever managed large property, so they pretend to  think the Perrys should be certain that all the words, and graffiti on the vast acreage are  obliterated at all times.

Obviously running to maintain the remote, leased property was not first priority to the Perry family,  but they apparently  had sense enough to paint over the rock  years before the media caught wind of it.

It is suggested that  one can see the word if one looks through the paint job  from time to time.  Who knows?  The stories vary and the claims are not substantiated.

In order to shoot down the second Republican, they asked Herman Cain about it, and he replied as would be reflexive for any candidate addressing a question about the  non-issue.   Given the story that he was told….. Cain  said that  the word is insensitive and should have been taken off a long time ago.

Now there are a bunch of people  crying that Cain pulled the race card.  The second Republican is  nailed, just after he won another straw poll.

Whether or not this manipulative   ploy is effective depends on how many people pay attention to the lame stream media anymore.

Alfonzo Rachel Vs Janean Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo puts for her theory that all Black people are supposed to be Democrat, and those that aren’t (Herman Cain, for example) have Stockholm syndrome.

Alfonzo Rachel bites back hard in a video Dr Zo sees Janeane Garofalo. (Put on your headphones if you have kids.)

We Could Have A Real American For President

The fading lamestream media would tell you that Republicans do not have strong contenders for the next presidential race. Wrong! There are a bunch of good ones, including Herman Cain, a successful American Businessman, who could easily smash the Arugula Eater in a debate. Here’s a guy who could lead America out of the economic abyss. Listen up!