Nicholas G. Hahn Learns about the Lamestream Media from Herman Cain

RealClearReligion – The Devil and Herman Cain.  Click it.

Herman Cain has been addressing the sexual misconduct charges which were employed to smear him during his presidential campaign.

Like Clarence Thomas, he got the high tech lynching from the media and less conservative politicians, to eliminate him from the race.   (Cain would have trounced Obama had he won the Republican primaries, so he had to be taken out quickly.) He will be publishing an column addressing the issue soon, and gave Nicholas G. Hahn, of Real Clear Religion, a preview.

Gloria Allred’s client, Sharon Bialek supposedly had submitted affidavits to corroborate her story that Cain groped her over 10 years prior to the campaign.  The trouble is that those affidavits can be found NO-where.  ( If any readers can produce them, please put a link in the comments. )  Hahn notes that the media failed to pursue these accusations with due diligence.

Cains stated that Ginger White lost a libel suit in court after the end of his  campaign.  His first, anonymous accuser’s charges against him had been dismissed.  He attributes the attack on his good name to the Devil.   It would appear that Cain recognizes a personified force  to which the Democrat party is connected. ;-).

Even if the allegations about Cain were all true….. NO one has accused Cain of rape.  In fact, Bialek stated that he was able to take “No” for an answer, and delivered her safely  to her hotel.  How UNLIKE Bill Clinton, the hero of the Democrat party, who has many accusations of gross sexual imposition, and two credible accusations of rape leveled against him.

The Herman Cain Compendium Down on the Pharm.

Alfonzo Rachel: “Told You So”

Pharmer doesn’t mind this “I Told You So”, from ZO since she concurred with his preference of Herman Cain to Mitt Romney.

The republicans are always letting the left choose their candidates, and accepting the resultant losses.

Herman Cain’s new Radio Gig

Radio Host Neal Boortz Retiring, Passing Torch to Herman Cain.

The veteran conservative radio talker, Neal Boortz, is retiring after 40 years and Herman Cain is taking over. Boortz will continue to deliver short radio blasts which he can record during his planned eight month road trip with his wife, Donna.
Herman Cain will pick up 200 radio markets and 6 million listeners with the syndicated talk show from Atlanta News/Talk WSB.

Boortz, “the Talkmaster” will pass the mic to Cain, “the Dean of the University of Common Sense” on January 22, 2013, the day after Obama hopefully leaves office.

Getting to Know Ginger White

Former Business Partner: Ginger White Never Mentioned Herman Cain – ABC News.

Ginger had a bad breakup with  partner Kimberly Vay who ran a spinning (bicycling training) business with her.   This lead to a libel lawsuit filed by Vay  over a defamatory email sent by Ginger White to her clientele and others, giving supposed reasons for the  dissolution of their partnership.   Ms. Vay eventually prevailed in that lawsuit which was filed in june 2011.

Vay said that White never mentioned Herman Cain to her during any time of their association.  She declined to mention whether she thought White was telling the truth, and merely said:  “When you see the details of my lawsuit, they will speak for themselves”.  Vay saw fit to petition for  a restraining order against White, but a final decision on this  was never reached.

It seems that self destruction is not a new thing to Ms. White.

Herman Cain: He Said She Said, the Ginger White Edition

Ginger White says she had a 13 year Fling with Herman Cain. Herman Cain says he knew this woman for that period of time, but did not have sex with her. Also, Cain scooped the news stories by announcing the new eruption before the interview with Ms. White aired. We’re hoping for some voice analysis services on these interviews too. White has had some trouble paying the rent lately (multiple eviction notices) and perhaps needs an opportunity to make money from a book. Hopefully she is a good writer, and can handle a plausible 13 year stretch of good times with Herman.

In the order of appearance:

Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain:

Lefties are going to produce a sexual accusation from every woman with whom Herman Cain was ever associated, unless he gives up. It is bringing some significant free ad time to the candidate however, and might eventually work in his favor as people tire of the efforts.

Voice Analysis Software Indicates Cain Tells the Truth, Bialek Lies

Software Analyzing Voice Recognition Says Herman Cain Telling Truth of His Innocence | Video |

It appears that a person can get a lie detector test without making any effort.  Herman Cain has just had one, courtesy of private investigator TJ Ward, who applied his software voice analysis to the recent press conference.  His software rates Cain’s speech as low risk, which means he’s likely telling the truth.

When Sharon Bialek described sexual impositions in her meeting with Cain, the software rated her as high risk.  Ward said that she is likely not lying about having met him, but is lying  what what happened.

Law enforcement uses similar voice analysis  software with a very high degree of success in detecting lies.

Comments at this story on the Blaze were amusing, with one person suggesting that applying the equipment  set the test equipment on fire.

Meanwhile,  Ann Coulter has a column, worth reading, which details the David Axelrod actions to wipe out Obama’s political opponents in Chicago.   Remember, Sharon has a residential kind of connection with Axelrod at the very least.

She notes that the allegations against Cain all stem from time with the National Restaurant Association, and no other time of his long business career.   The NRA period is Cain’s closest brush with the Chicago cesspool.

With poor Perry showing some really bad performance at the debates (order of magnitude  worse than neophyte- Pharmer’s first appearance on national television),  Cain is the current top tier conservative.  This will inspire further false allegations and attacks from the left.  They fear him even more than they fear Palin.

Lefties: Someone Needs To Tell You How Normal People Behave

Witness: Cain accuser hugged him during Tea Party meeting a month ago – Chicago Sun-Times.

It is not normal for a woman to run after her sexual harasser or abuser and hug him, or pose for public pictures with him,.

Normal women would have a gut instinct to avoid any close contact with a person who had caused them serious personal offense and discomfort by making unwanted sexual advances.

For this reason, Sharon Bialek, the moth to the flame, will have a difficult time selling her story.

Leftists need to study the behavior of normal people in order to create a more convincing story.

The Chicago Tribute is getting to know Sharon Bialek better, and describes her as a woman presently in need of making some money, which she surely is doing now.

It also reveals that she is is not really a registered republican as Allred claimed. Says the Trib:
Allred described her client as a “registered Republican,” though Bialek does not have an active voter card in Illinois, election officials said. The state does not allow voters to register by party, but records show she pulled a GOP ballot in the 2008 primary

Herman Cain: High Tech Lynching Ad

Pass this ad around!

What we do know about Herman Cain is that the charges are not serious enough to be elucidated publicly, ESPECIALLY compared to the average Democrat fare.

That Cain worries the Dems, sufficiently for them launch a ghost attack, is reason to seriously consider supporting him. There must be something RIGHT about Herman Cain.