Getting to Know Ginger White

Former Business Partner: Ginger White Never Mentioned Herman Cain – ABC News.

Ginger had a bad breakup with  partner Kimberly Vay who ran a spinning (bicycling training) business with her.   This lead to a libel lawsuit filed by Vay  over a defamatory email sent by Ginger White to her clientele and others, giving supposed reasons for the  dissolution of their partnership.   Ms. Vay eventually prevailed in that lawsuit which was filed in june 2011.

Vay said that White never mentioned Herman Cain to her during any time of their association.  She declined to mention whether she thought White was telling the truth, and merely said:  “When you see the details of my lawsuit, they will speak for themselves”.  Vay saw fit to petition for  a restraining order against White, but a final decision on this  was never reached.

It seems that self destruction is not a new thing to Ms. White.