Hobby Lobby Will Defy Obama HHS Mandate

The family of David Green, which owns the 500 plus Hobby Lobby stores, with 13000 employees are likely to incur a half billion dollar cost, while waiting for their challenge to the HHS mandate to be heard in court.    Despite this huge financial threat to their company’s existence,  the Greens have decided to adhere to their religious convictions, and defy Obama’s demand that they fund abortive forms of birth control for their employees.

Prayers for the success of David Green, his family and his company.  They’re putting the commandments of God ahead of the commands of  the most pro-abortion president in history.

If the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had felt this strongly about God’s commandment to avoid willful killing, there would NEVER have been an  HHS mandate at all!!

Sotomayor Refuses to Block Obama’s Morning After Pill Edict

Supreme Court Justice Refuses to Block Obama Morning After Pill Edict.

Obama’s appointee, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to grant an emergency ruling blocking the effects of Obama’s HHS mandate on Hobby Lobby and it’s sister company, Mardel Inc.

She stated that while the legal requirements for an emergency ruling were not met, the companies may continue to pursue their lawsuits in the lower courts.

Attorneys for the government incorrectly deny the fact that the birth control drugs have abortive mechanisms of action. The government continues to pursue its interest in regulating the populations of its constituency by unethical and deceptive means.

Federal Court Temporarily Blocks HHS Contraception Mandate for Private Business Owner | CNS News

“This is a big #^@&(N deal”…as Joe Biden would say.    A Federal court is blocking Obamanator’s HHS mandate for O’Brien Industrial Holdings, which operates several smaller companies: Christy Industrial Services, Christy Minerals Co., and Christy Refractories Co. The owner, Frank O’Brien is a Catholic, who wishes to adhere to his religious beliefs in operating his businesses.

The three judge panel of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals granted a preliminary injunction which blocks the HHS mandates unconstitutional effects upon this privately owned company. Among the many lawsuits challenging the HHS mandate, this is the first decision rendered by a Federal appeals court.

Frank Manion of the American Center for Law and Justice is handling this case, which was first dismissed by a Federal district court judge before it was taken before the Eighth Circuit Court. The ACLJ has filed two other lawsuits against the Federal Government regarding the HHS mandate, and numerous Amicus briefs for other court challenges.

Federal Court Temporarily Blocks HHS Contraception Mandate for Private Business Owner | CNS News.

Tyndale Bible Publisher Beats Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate in Court | LifeNews.com

Bible Publisher Beats Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate in Court | LifeNews.com.

Tyndale House Publishers in Illinois have obtained an injunction stopping the enforcement of Obama’s health care mandate while it’s suit against the edict and its unconstitutional penalties moves forward.
For the time being the Publisher, clients of Alliance Defending Freedom,  cannot be forced to pay for abortive drugs, and procedures for any of its employees.
U.S. District Court Opinion
Preliminary Injunction Order

Life News: Obama Continues War on Women

Obama waged another battle in his war on women during the October 16 Town Hall debate against Romney.

“There are millions of women all across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for mammograms, for cervical cancer screenings,”  Obama lied.

He said the same thing in an interview with Glamour magazine.  The problem is that no Planned Parenthood facilities do mammograms.  Life News has assembled links to some of the evidence and admissions from Planned Parenthood that they do NOT  have mammography equipment  at any one of their facilities, and are not  certified for such procedures.  Komen Foundation had sought to cancel grants to Planned Parenthood, on this basis, but backed down due to a media assault from the abortion giant.

The tax payer  funded, non-profit Planned Parenthood has allocated six million dollars for  ads to reelect Obama and the democrats.  There’s another  half million dollar ad dump in Ohio and Virginia, and another quarter million going for ads in Colorado, newly announced by America’s largest  abortion provider.

In answer to a question on jobs for women, Obama reiterated his plan to force employers to cover birth control, abortion and sterilization, otherwise known as the HHS mandate.  To help women in their jobs, Romney suggested flexible hours and a shot in the arm for employers and the economy, to allow opportunity for unemployed women.   Obama spoke of his  mandate  to  force employers to provide for  preventing or aborting  pregnancies.

Pro-lifer looks at the Vice Presidential Debate

The question concerning how the vice presidential candidates’ Catholic faith informs their view on abortion was easier for Ryan to deal with than for Biden.

Paul Ryan was able to clearly give his own pro-life position, but had to hedge on the policy which the Romney campaign has to put forth, which is to remove the public funds for abortion, but continue to permit abortion for rape, incest and so-called life of the mother exceptions.

Joe Biden looked down while delivering must of his answer, since, of course his so-called Catholic faith does not support his own pro-abortion position. It also does not support the extreme position of the Obama administration, which supports late term and post-birth abortion, and forces religiously run institutions and private businesses to pay for abortion, birth control and sterilizations through insurance.
Biden blatantly lied when he said that Catholic run institutions were not being affected by the HHS mandate.

Ryan asked: Then why is the Catholic Church still suing the Obama administration???

Obama Admin Argues Gov. Can Violate Religious Beliefs

Obama’s Department of Injustice has argued for the HHS mandate, against plaintiffs who cite that it violates the First Amendment of the Constitution. It holds that a privately owned company cannot exercise the religious beliefs of its owners in the business activities of the corporation. The Obama administration argues that it has authority to compel any privately owned corporation to do anything which the government demands, no matter how it violates the religious ethics of the company owners or employees. Legatus, an association of Catholic business leaders, Weingartz Supply, an outdoor equipment supplier, and Hobby Lobby, a large retail chain are among the filers of 28 separate lawsuits which challenge the HHS mandate in court.

Obama Admin Argues Gov. Can Violate Religious Beliefs.

Christian CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Sues Obama Admin. Over HHS Mandate | TheBlaze.com

Shop at Hobby Lobby! They’re now the largest privately owned company to sue the Obama administration over its Health and Human Services Mandate. David Green, the CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby explains that he will pay 1.3 million dollars in fines if he refuses to buy insurance that covers types of birth control that Evangelical Christians oppose. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is providing legal representation in this challenge to the HHS Mandate.

Prayers for the success of Mr. Green and the Hobby Lobby Corporation in their efforts to defend religious freedom.

Christian CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Sues Obama Admin. Over HHS Mandate | TheBlaze.com.

Gay Employees at Chick-fil-A Caught in the Middle.

Gay Chick-Fil-A Employees Reveal What It Has Been Like To Work There Lately – Business Insider.

We have some indication that Chick-Fil-A hasn’t been worrying about their employee’s private sex lives in the above article. But worklife is different now. Gays working for the company have been caught in the middle of the leftie war against their company, which was touched off by CEO Dan Cathy’s personal belief about gay marriage.

Apparently the homosexual employees are either getting blamed for hating gays, because of the gay marriage issue, or being thanked for opposition to it.

Some of what they hear is off point and crazy: “I hope you choke on your chicken” and either support or opposition because “your company hates gays”.

The situation of homosexual employees at Chick-fil-A brings home the point that everyone’s lives would be easier, including the those of gays, if the lefties would quit their war on freedom of religion. We notice that the lefties prefer to attack Christians, for opposing gay marriage, while at the same time supporting the sects of Muslims who chop the heads off of homosexuals.

Another case in point: In the U.S. HIV remains largely an affliction of men who have sex with men. Leftie heroes,Obama and Kathleen Sebelius, are working to close down the Catholic Health Care Institutions in the U.S. by insisting that they participate in birth control, sterilizations and abortion. By this means they will be shutting off a large proportion of care for patients with HIV. It’s estimated that world wide, 25% of health programs for HIV patients are provided by the Catholic Church. which has been at the forefront of that mission from the beginning.