San Antonio High School Student Asks for Cameras in the Bathroom

Leftist media has interviewed students  who saw graphic abortion pictures  plastered in the girls’ restroom at Steel High School in San Antonio, TX.

One hundred percent of the subjects selected for this interview, voiced  opposition to the presence of the pictures, with one girl mentioning being afraid to go into the bathroom for fear of seeing more of these pictures.   As expected, the lamestream media outlet, KEN 5 local news, did not interview anyone who thought that the pictures might be helpful in preventing abortions.

One student was ready to give up all privacy to ensure that she never has to see such pictures again:  “ It’s not appropriate to be in a school, and I think they should start monitoring places like bathrooms to make sure it doesn’t come back”.

Yes, she really said that, and is apparently is ready for POTTI-CAM.  Abortion trauma is a serious problem.  Pharmer implores this girl, and all the other selected interviewees to utilize healing services provided by the pro-life movement.  It’s a sign of PSTD  for a female to request bathroom surveillance  in order to avoid seeing pictures of abortions.

Please recall that on occasion, one might even be able to see the actual ‘abortion’ results in a girl’s restroomThis problem did not seem to generate such  a call for bathroom cams.

Once KEN-5 pulls down this vid and story, you can still hear an audio montage of the unidentified interviewees (without reporter James Munoz)  HERE —> Abortion pics in bathroom news interview Steele highschool

Societal Rot Fostered in School : Students Suspended for Disarming Gunman

Three Cypress Lake High School Students in Fort Myers Florida,  have  been suspended for disarming a fellow student, a 15 y o football player.  The latter student, had pointed his loaded .22 pistol directly at another student on the bus, and threatened to shoot him.

The three students were suspended immediately, for 3 days,  without a hearing.  It is said that they will be permitted to go back to school on Monday.

The gunman is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Punishment and stigma  is the consequence for defending the lives of others on school property.  This is training for the new leftist order.


New Jersey School officials apologize for kinky summer reading list

Risque summer reading selections have parents upset, school officials scrapping books in Monroe Township |

New Jersey school officials are apologizing for their kinky summer reading list for the high school and middle school students.

Some parents found out what was in the books and protested.  Seems that graphic business of  the gay orgy (Tweek: Growing up on Methamphetamine)  and lesbian sex  (Norwegian Wood) was a bit too much for their tastes, even if it was only an effort to entice their kids to read.

Child Predators Protected by American Teachers Unions | NewsReal Blog

Child Predators Protected by American Teachers Unions | NewsReal Blog.

Megan Fox gives some details of the extensive pedophilia scandal within the public school systems, and which has largely escaped attention from the mainstream media.

A list of coverups is presented, as well as reference to a 2004 study of sexual misconduct by public school teachers.

James O’Keefe and Veritas Visuals presents… protection from the New Jersey Teachers Union for Kiddie Fiddlers.

One wonders if the media could be made as interested in this problem (which is many times more prevalent) as they were in the case of religious groups.

Highschools exhibit reduced enthusiasm for Obama commencement speech

» Obama Blames US High Schools For Dissing Him – Big Government.

Last year about 1000 high schools vied in a competition to have Obama appear as commencement speaker.

This year, as of  Feb. 22, there were only 14 applications very shortly before the deadline on the 25th….. so it must be that the schools are procrastinating.

Who wouldn’t want Obamanator as the commencement speaker, talking about himself again?   Pharmer hears that he needs a teleprompter even for that, to get the story straight.

The Whitehouse is extending the deadline to march 11, and trying to drum up some more applications.  By the end of February there were said to be 68 applications.

Sign of the times….. tells you more than any fake media poll.