Highschools exhibit reduced enthusiasm for Obama commencement speech

» Obama Blames US High Schools For Dissing Him – Big Government.

Last year about 1000 high schools vied in a competition to have Obama appear as commencement speaker.

This year, as of  Feb. 22, there were only 14 applications very shortly before the deadline on the 25th….. so it must be that the schools are procrastinating.

Who wouldn’t want Obamanator as the commencement speaker, talking about himself again?   Pharmer hears that he needs a teleprompter even for that, to get the story straight.

The Whitehouse is extending the deadline to march 11, and trying to drum up some more applications.  By the end of February there were said to be 68 applications.

Sign of the times….. tells you more than any fake media poll.