Cincinnati Funds Planned Parenthood Covering Up Child Rape |

Cincinnati Funds Planned Parenthood Covering Up Child Rape |

Cincinnati’s Board of Health could find no better provider than Planned Parenthood for its program of HIV testing and prevention.    An $85,000 dollar grant is going to the same Planned Parenthood affiliate which was sued for failure to comply with Ohio’s informed consent law with respect to abortion procedures.

Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio is recognized for the two lawsuits stemming from its failure to notify authorities concerning abortions for  minor females, in whom pregnancy is evidence of statutory rape at the very least.  The men causing the pregnancies in both of these cases have jail time for their crimes.

HIV testing at the DMV and Abortion drugs at the Discount Store.

D.C. brings HIV testing to the crowd at the DMV.

Washington DC, the HIV capital of the United states wants everyone to know that HIV testing is just a routine thing… conveniently available at the Dept of Motor Vehicles.  You can get an HIV test with your license renewal.

The FDA wanted people to be able to obtain abortion drugs, (ulipristal acetate, ELLA) an analog of RU486, mifepristone, at the discount store pharmacy.

Wouldn’t want people to drive out of their way to address these mattters.

In some states  Washington, for example, a student can be driven after school for an abortion, by a school official.  No parental consent or signature is needed for that extra curricular activity.

The highest value of our governments-gone-wrong is convenience