WaPo: History Made! Whitehouse has Gaydar

44 – Obama makes history with social secretary pick.

Of uppermost importance to the Washington Post is not the political and career credentials of Jeremy Bernard.  Top most in the headlines and in the article is Bernard’s sexual preference.   Incidentally, his topmost pertinent accomplishments are probably in the area of Obama fundraising.

In times past, history was made by accomplishments, and these were highlighted, with the personal lives of our renowned heros something that had had to be dug up by those with interest in the matter.

Now the personal life is on top, with the accomplishments a bare footnote.

We see what’s most important to the left.

We also see why gay people who can see the whole picture have turned conservative.   Those with brains prefer the society with an economy that could sustain them, and in which they could keep their heads.

Down the road from Obama…… an economy and obamacare which can’t sustain gays, and a theocratic political system which has shown a propensity for chopping off the heads of homosexuals.

Obama needs to come out of the closet.  He chooses these symbolic means of supporting his interest in gay rights, rather than overtly coming out in their favor.   His fear of coming out  has led him into constitutional issues, as he has been picking and choosing which laws to enforce. The executive branch is supposed to enforce all of them.

Bakery Turns Down Participation in Gay Activism, Might Be Evicted

Bakery displays morals, now faces eviction OneNewsNow.com.

Pharmer, an Indiana resident, has long known that Indianapolis has gone leftie  (down the tubes) in many different respects.

There’s a backlash  against an Indy bakery for refusing a special order from a gay activist group to make rainbow cookies to celebrate National coming out day at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus.

David Stockton, who deserves your mail-order business, turned down the job, saying that he didn’t feel comfortable supporting the gay cause because of the example it might give to his two daughters.

There has been a push to use an anti-discrimination law to have Stockton’s business,  Just Cookies,  evicted from his long -held location.

Don Surber,  blogging at the Daily Mail says it best: “It is None of the City’s Business.”

Just Cookies, 222 E Market St. #43, Indianapolis, IN 46204-3374, Phone 317-634-4456.

If you want professionally made cookies,  bring your business to  the Stocktons.    Maybe they’ll make enough to  move out of the city, and  start up a big, booming, mail order business.  Indy doesn’t need their tax money anyway.

Democrats Bring US One Step Closer to the Draft

Joint Chief Chairman Critical of Gay Ban Vote.

Congress has passed a bill to repeal the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy for gays in the military, but the Senate  has not yet weighed in on this decision.   Military officials have been wanting to survey the currently serving military to see how this change in policy would affect the ability of the US to defend itself, before the bill was considered.

Pharmer weighs in with a repeat of the prediction that the Democrats will bring back conscription = the DRAFT.  They’ve been wanting this for a good long time, despite protestations to the contrary.  This is the most plausible  explanation for their persistent  actions to degrade conditions and pay for the soldiers.   This latest  action, to allow open gayness in the military,  is expected  to bring about the largest reduction in force among military personnel, thus necessitating a return of the draft.  The preferred  scenario for the Democrats  will be to place the military in debilitated conditions,  and force their political opponents to shoulder the blame for bringing back the draft during a time of dire need.    Call it a long range plan for their return to power, post Obama.