Democrats Bring US One Step Closer to the Draft

Joint Chief Chairman Critical of Gay Ban Vote.

Congress has passed a bill to repeal the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy for gays in the military, but the Senate  has not yet weighed in on this decision.   Military officials have been wanting to survey the currently serving military to see how this change in policy would affect the ability of the US to defend itself, before the bill was considered.

Pharmer weighs in with a repeat of the prediction that the Democrats will bring back conscription = the DRAFT.  They’ve been wanting this for a good long time, despite protestations to the contrary.  This is the most plausible  explanation for their persistent  actions to degrade conditions and pay for the soldiers.   This latest  action, to allow open gayness in the military,  is expected  to bring about the largest reduction in force among military personnel, thus necessitating a return of the draft.  The preferred  scenario for the Democrats  will be to place the military in debilitated conditions,  and force their political opponents to shoulder the blame for bringing back the draft during a time of dire need.    Call it a long range plan for their return to power, post Obama.