Medicare to Fine Hospitals for Excessive Re-admissions.

Hospitals face Medicare Fines for Too Many Patients Re-admitted.

If  hospitals have too many patients returning within 30 days of treatment, due to “complications”  they’ll lose part of their medicare payments.  The penalty starts at 1 percent and slides up to 3 percent over time.

This penalty will nail the charity and teaching hospitals hardest, for numerous reasons.

This penalty is  another  incentive  to make sure patients prior medication records are all correct, and the docs attend to correct prescribing practices.

Breastmilk: How will Mayor Bloomberg Control the Quantity Babies Drink?

Pharmer was ROFL when she heard that Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the anti obesity NAZI who is controlling the size of sugary drinks in New York City, was going to encourage breast feeding. He’s got a plan called Latch On (named after what babies do to breasts to get milk). Starting in September his health department is going to track the formula bottles given out in hospitals. He wants lactation counseling for all the moms, and a medical reason to accompany each dispensing of a formula bottle to a baby.

Pharmer has news for Bloomberg. He can’t control how much babies get when they breastfeed. It’s likely he hasn’t realized this problem yet. Breast milk is produced on demand. The more a baby drinks the more the breasts produce. It could, given a dedicated stay-at-home mother, lead to Early Obesity. A mom on government assistance could do unlimited couch time, and feed tremendous amounts to her baby, without Michael Bloomberg being able to determine the quantity!!

This is gonna drive that obsessive compulsive mayor NUTZ!

Read more about Bloomberg’s unregulatable Latch On to Breasts of Plenty program Here:
Mayor Bloomberg's breast-feeding initiative urges hospitals to lock up baby formula |

Celestial Discharge

Prayers for the family and close friends of Dr. Anant Bhati, who departed to the next life Friday night, 2/17/12.

Fox News story

Cinti Enquirer story.

Dr. Bhati was head of Gynecology at the biggest hospital in Cincinnati, on the board at the next biggest, Coroner of Hamilton County, and quite a bit more. He was one busy guy, hugely respected for his competency and his character. Pharmer has this to say about Dr. Bhati going to God early…… good for him, bad for us.

Obama Has Irritated Speaker Boehner

“This attack by the federal government on religious freedom in our country cannot stand, and will not stand,” Boehner, a Catholic and Ohio Republican, said in a rare floor speech,  says  The Blaze.

Let’s see if the House and Senate are able to Override the Obamacare birth control mandate.   Pharmer suspects house can do it, but the Senate had 26 freaks who directly support Obama’s mandate for religious institutions to cover birth control, abortive drugs and sterilizations in their health insurance plans.

The government plan is to have Christians pay the STATIST  DHIMMI  TAX in the form of fines, as a result of being forced to drop health care coverage for their employees.     Interestingly, adherent Muslims may be subjected  to this same situation with respect to  the state, but  (if we compare their response in  Europe)  are much LESS likely to tolerate dhimmitude to the state.

The top linked article mentions that Massachusetts has already been forcing religiously affiliated hospitals  to give out the morning after pill to rape victims, from the time that Romney was governor.    Romney says he vetoed the bill, though he supported the morning after pill for rape victims.

Abortionist Gosnell, the Disaster that Keeps on “Giving”

The disturbing  practice of  Philadephia abortionist Gosnell  appears to be a public relations disaster that keeps on giving.   Jill Stanek has sunk her teeth into this story, and is chronicling his many violations of  the minimum standards of abortion practice. She is now addressing the fact that  an outside agency (National Abortion Federation)  had observed  Gosnell’s unsanitary and unsafe  facilities, and failed to report them.

Pharmer would also like to bring up the fact that nearby hospitals had to be receiving Gosnell’s patients, and their ER staffs had to be aware that he was an abysmal practitioner.    Botched abortions,  incomplete abortions, infections, etc. all find their way into the neighboring hospitals, and after a time, the causative agent develops a negative reputation with police, paramedics, EMTs and emergency department staff.   One of the dampening influences which prevent such abominations from coming to the attention of authorities is fear of HIPAA sanctions.  Was this, (as well as the isolation of  other  hospitalized patients  from their social support system), an intentional thing, or an unintended consequence of HIPAA regulations?

Abortion is a self feeding system of negativity that drives standards of care downward in every institution that it touches.

People who  do abortions  represent the substandard of health care.   Abortion has invaded obstetrics and gynecology, and every institution which is touched by abortion has experienced decreased quality of staff and decreased quality of care.

Both abortion and euthanasia are cheap and easy ways to remove problems by eliminating the victims.   Innovation in medicine has been driven by compassion for people who suffer with certain disorders and illnesses.  When those people are killed off through abortion or euthanasia that impetus for innovation is removed. Additionally the killing erodes public trust in health care professionals.   The force of life and creativity is attenuated and humanity devolves.

Bishop revokes Phoenix hospital’s ‘Catholic’ status

Bishop revokes Phoenix hospital’s ‘Catholic’ status.

He actually did it.    Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted stripped St. Joseph’s Medical Center, in Phoenix  of its Catholic affiliation.  This came after a scandal in 2009, concerning a widely publicized abortion which took place there.   That issue had already been  addressed, but  St. Joseph’s affiliation with the Mercy Care Plan , which provides care through the Arizona  state medicaid program,  required it to offer contraceptive counseling and other services antithetical to Catholic teachings.   This contractual arrangement is said to be the tipping point to cause the dissolution of the Catholic affiliation

Mass may no longer be said at the hospital, and the Blessed Sacrament is to be removed from the Chapel.

Watch the changes which occur at St. Joseph’s   in the aftermath of this “divorce” from Church affiliation.    Will the hospital attempt to re-affiliate, or will it rely upon a closer relationship with the government for survival.  Certainly the loss of Catholic affiliation will affect private donations to the Medical Center.

At Least Reid Picked a Female to Dub the Senate’s Hottest Member

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Reid calls Gillibrand ‘the hottest member’ « – Blogs from

and we’re glad  Harry Reid doesn’t have Chris Matthew’s problem …….

From the Political Ticker:

“Reid made one of those comments Monday morning at a New York fundraiser hosted by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

“The Nevada Democrat referred to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand “the hottest member,” which apparently made Gillibrand blush, according to two Democratic sources familiar with the incident.”

Oh……. by the way…….. Reid had to vote against the military spending bill which contains a repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. There’s an election coming up, you know.

Not mentioned in the leftist press, which excuses Reid’s vote as procedural, is that the military spending bill also contains Roland Burris’s amendment to allow (coerce) abortions at military hospitals.

Mother told to clean own room after caesarean – The Local

Mother told to clean own room after caesarean – The Local.

Sweden Care!

Two days after a C section, the third time mom decided it was time to go home.

She was assigned the job of cleaning her room before leaving.  During her stay, her husband was assigned the job of caring for her, and the patient reported having to call reminders for all of her meds.

This is attributed to a labor shortage.  Most amusing are comments appended to the article from the natives who attribute this to a “conservative government” which is cutting back on spending.

Big Brother Halts Opening New Privately Owned Hospitals

Obamacare- Law bans new doctor-owned hospitals, Blocks expansion of existing ones..

Sixty new doctor-owned hospitals will be halted due to Obamacare, and existing ones will not be permitted to expand.

This impedes both availability and choice of health care options for patients.  Socialized medicine achieves this every time it is tried, and Obamacare will be no different.

This hot story shut down the CNS news server today, but other fine blogs are carrying the news.

Search it out for yourself.    Pharmer has to run to work. 🙂