Drudge: Company Fires 150 Employees For Not Getting Flu Shots


Pharmer hangs with COGforlife, the vaccine ethics watchers, and still missed the presence of this  headline  The excuse is  that she was setting up a new computer.

Flu vaccine does not have the ethical  liabilities which the COGforlife group monitors. This particular story, which is not new,  is upsetting the libertarian types,  who think that vaccines ought to be voluntary.

One thought on “Drudge: Company Fires 150 Employees For Not Getting Flu Shots

  1. Perhaps if the employee refused to argue with the employer's demand for vaccine and accepted the offer upon condition of the employer's full assumption of liability for side effects, death and whatever else the vaccine insert lists as risks. Make them sign it (be nice and make a copy for them..if you ever get that far). After all, if it's so safe, we just need to see corporate risk management be ok with that. Right? Never argue. Accept and make your counteroffer.

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