Sen Richard Lugar, (R) Indiana: Doesn’t Live Here Anymore | The Daily Caller

Richard Lugar | Indiana Senator | Doesn’t Live Here Anymore | The Daily Caller.

Tea Partier Gary Wright had heard that Richard Lugar does not live in Indiana anymore……… for the past 30 years or so.

He decided to check for himself and found that Lugar is registered as an Indiana voter at the address of a house that he sold shortly after moving to Washington DC in 1977.  His driver’s license says that they still live at the 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis  address  (where Betsy Hughes lives and occasionally receives Lugar’s mail).   No one is bothering to  turn over the rocks on this fraud.

Supposedly the Indiana Constitution does not require Lugar to live in Indiana in order to be a senator from here.  However one wonders what benefits Lugar has obtained from Indiana while a non-resident for the last 30 years.    Other elected officials have been put through the mill on this basis.

Remember…. Lugar also thinks that Kathleen Sebelius is a good choice for head of the Dept. of Health and Human Services.   Her Dept is the one threatening Indiana’s Medicare/Medcaid funding because we cut off Planned Parenthood’s tax funding.

Indiana panel backs abortion pill limit | The Courier-Journal |

Indiana panel backs abortion pill limit | The Courier-Journal |

Dr. John Stutzman, medical director of Planned Parenthood of Indiana, (and apparently allowed to teach at Indiana University), is not happy with the passage of Senate Bill 72 through the Health Committee. He says that using 200mg of mifepristone for chemical abortion, instead of the FDA recommended 600mg dose is sufficient. Apparently their purpose of reducing the progesterone receptor blocker and increasing the drug that causes violent uterine contractions is to avoid “side effects”. Planned parenthood sends the woman home with double the recommended dose of misoprostil to expel the embryo or fetus dead or alive.

No one is counting the failures which end up at our hospitals to have the abortion job finished up, and mind you, planned parenthood is NOT interested in having to report said failures so they can be tabulated and evaluated. (That requirement had already been removed from the bill.)

Whether the abortion job is finished by the chemical method or by follow up at a hospital (transferring liability to the hospital, and expense to that institution or to us) it is deemed a success at planned parenthood.

More commentary from Catholic News out of Ft. Wayne.

Indiana Senate Bill 72

Since the time Pharmer was first informed of current Indiana legislation to regulate the use of abortion drugs,  there have been significant changes to the bill.

Of special concern is that no longer a  requirement to report adverse events associated with abortion drug use.
Existing  forms and services can be used  for such reporting with respect to drugs and medical devices,  for example:

Adverse events associated with or related to childbirth are reportable as such to  include the whole period of pregnancy, childbirth and the year after delivery, at the recommendation of the ACOG.
The non reporting of abortion related adverse events and deaths, combined with the more readily reported pregnancy related or associated deaths has led to false statistics comparing the relative risk of childbirth and abortion.
Senate Bill 72 is now structured in such a way as to facilitate a means to convince women  that abortion is safer than childbirth.   The lack of requirement for reporting abortion drug adverse events  serves to worsen the current  skewing and misrepresentation of facts, which denies patients the opportunity of giving informed consent.

Useful parts of the bill worth noting:  The definition of abortion inducing drug includes “off-label use of drugs known to have abortion inducing properties if the drug is prescribed with the intent of causing an abortion”.  (Ch.3 sec.1a)
The bill also requires that the abortionist  “follows the drug label protocol for the abortion producing drug. (Ch3. sec 3a-2)
Expect a firestorm from planned parenthood which utilizes mifepristone, RU-486, in an off label manner by using less of the drug  (a single 200mg tab) than recommended on the label, (three 200mg tablets)  and by using it up to, or at 63 days gestation instead of 49 days.
According to the Mifeprex label, U.S.,  three x 200mg tabs are to be administered in a single dose, and the patient returns to the clinic in 2 days to take 2 tabs (400mcg) of misoprostil, to expel the human embryo or fetus.   Planned Parenthood of Indiana is sending the patients home with four tablets (800mcg) according to their own info.

From Drs Gary and Harrison at Medscape:  “The US clinical trial demonstrated a failure rate of 8% at 49 days or less from the last menstrual period (LMP), increasing to 17% at 50-56 days from the LMP, and further increasing to a 23% failure at 57-63 days from the LMP, as established by sonographic criteria………One serious concern raised by this review of AERs is the suggested fetal malformation rate of at least 23% following mifepristone failures that resulted in continuation of a live pregnancy.”

Annals of Pharmacotherapy analysis of mifepristone adverse events reported to FDA 2000-2004.

Meth-Heads Filling Hospitals With Burn Patients

My Way News – AP IMPACT: Meth fills hospitals with burn patients.

Only about 10 percent of meth heads have health insurance, so when they cook themselves while trying to cook their methamphetamine, the burden of care falls upon the hospital. The average cost of care for a meth burn patient is said to be $130,000 dollars. The financial burden of non-recovered hospital expenses has closed down at least 7 burn wards in the U.S.due to insolvency.

The most common means for self immolation among meth heads is the shake and bake method. Opening the 2 liter reaction vessel too soon or having an unplanned leakage can cause an explosion. About 70 injuries related to meth cooking have been reported in Indiana in the last two years, but who knows the real number? The burn victims aren’t too eager to tell the truth about how they were burned.
David Greenhalgh of the University of California, Davis, Burn Center says that 25-35% of the patients there test positive for meth.

Obama Administration Sued, Made New Hampshire Fund Planned Parenthood |

Obama Admin Sued, Made New Hampshire Fund Planned Parenthood |

New Hampshire cancelled a 1.8 million dollar grant to planned parenthood, due to concerns that part of that money would be supporting the abortion portion of their business.

Obama decided to make up for this by granting a 1 million dollar replacement with your federal tax dollars.   This was funded through cuts in funding to neighboring health care providers.  In addition, this money was provided without the usual process of allowing other agencies to compete for the grant.

New Hampshire Right to Life has been looking into this unusual million dollar grant, and is suing the Sebelius HHS, because this very ‘opaque’ agency refused its Freedom of Information  request for information.

The Obama administration has also opposed a Texas attempt to defund planned parenthood.

Indiana is fighting the HHS threat to defund its other health programs because of the state’s decision to defund the country’s largest abortion provider.

The answer is:  YES your federal tax dollars are being used to fund abortion.  Obama is fulfilling his promise to keep ABORTION at the center of his health care program.

Indiana Contracted the Chicago Disease: Forgeries Got Obama on 2008 Ballot

Indiana 2008 Presidential Primary Election Fraud Probe Heats Up | Fox News.

An investigation into 2008 election fraud has picked up steam in Indiana.  It seems that  quite a large number of Democrat voters did not sign the petitions to put Obama on the ballot, although the papers show their names and addresses.

Presidential candidates only need 500 signatures from each of 9 districts in Indiana to get on the Ballot.  Obama couldn’t manage 500 real ones so his people apparently fudged them.

Up to seven people are being investigated for involvement in a fraud incident in the South Bend area of Indiana.   It appears that the currently assigned  fall guy for this scheme is an independent contractor and democrat party volunteer, Dustin Blythe.

Indiana Vouchers Boost Enrollment in Catholic Schools

Ind. vouchers prompt thousands to change schools.

Maybe it’s good that some kids can use Indiana State Vouchers to attend the private school of their choice.

Maybe it’s good that most of those vouchers are being utilized for Catholic School attendance.

Why does Pharmer say MAYBE??

Because the government always tries to control the institutions for which it supplies funding. So what does Indiana have in store for (additional)  control of Catholic schools??   Time will tell.

Indiana Appeals Decision Against Planned Parenthood De-Funding Law |

Indiana Appeals Decision Against Planned Parenthood De-Funding Law |

Indiana is set to challenge the injunction set by Judge Tanya Walton Pratt against defunding of abortion.

It is also challenging the US health and human services decision to block amendments to the state medicaid plan.

Both cases will wind up in the US 7th Circuit court of appeals in Chicago.


Live Action Does it Again….. Indiana Planned Parenthood serves less than 1 % of medicaid patients. Listen to the various Indiana Planned Parenthood clinic workers informing that the care they provide is available elsewhere.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana to Stop Treating Medicaid Patients

Planned Parenthood staff taking furlough to save money » Evansville Courier & Press.

While the court case concerning Indiana’s new law defunding abortion clinics is decided,  Indiana planned parenthood is closing its clinics for a day, and stopping services to its 9300 Medicaid patients.

There is no expectation for the supporters of planned parenthood to make up the 1.3 million dollar per year shortfall to allow free care for the underprivileged.

Things are not the same for this organization as it is for the pro-life crisis pregnancy care centers.