Obama Threatens Gun Ban Edict

Like so many dictators before him, Obama is threatening to bypass congress for his gun ban. The instrument for conveying Obama’s threats is Joe Biden    As usual, a crisis is being used to strengthen central governmental control.

Obama knows that Congress is too weak to stop him, and he doesn’t pay much attention to the judicial system.  The  rest of the government is too afraid of being called racist to enforce the law. More significantly,  these individuals are too afraid of being killed to lead opposition to Obama’s edicts.  Remember, we sent Chicago to Washington D.C., and now we have to pay the consequences.

Pharmer notes that only the citizenry  (subjects) will have to go without personal protection.  The governing class will retain their armed guards.

More From the War on Women

Dem Rep Pens Novel with Graphic Rape Scene, Character Says Rape Prevents ‘Inbreeding’.

Have you heard a media stir or outcry from the feminazis  concerning a theory on the evolutionary advantages of rape?

The idea (not new) put forth by Dem Representative Jerry McNerney, who serves California’s Central Valley, is that rape is a means to prevent inbreeding.  A minor character is introduced in his novel to investigate a brutal rape.  The character suggests that men increased in size due to evolutionary pressures which allowed them to take women sexually by force, thereby preventing inbreeding.

The media focuses on the Republican idea that rape is not an excuse to kill an innocent third party, yet ignore these kinds of oddities coming from the left.

Nothing to see here???

Enter the Third Level

Pharmer thinks the Democrat’s theory might not hold up in THIS CASE, in which a custodial parent is charged with sexual abuse of the 14 year old girl in his care. It depends on the actual relationship of Biden’s secret service agent, the alleged perpetrator, to the adolescent victim, which is not yet apparent.



Pharmer thought it was odd for Biden to go  to Tampa during the Republican convention, since he’s not able to draw crowds even when there’s no other competing political event.

Ulsterman  thinks that Biden is being sent to Tampa in order to stir up trouble and upstage the event.   That’s not implausible considering  the nuts running the Obama campaign.



Is It True? Secret Service Backed Bakery Owner Who Opposed Biden Visit?

Radford business owner declines Joe Biden’s request to stop in store – wdbj7.com.

Krumb and Get it owner, Chris McMurray, refused a visit by Joe Biden to his bakery in Radford Va. Why would a brand new business owner turn down the free  publicity?
It’s what Obama said about small businesses: “You didn’t build that”
People who work 80 hours a week or more to sustain a business don’t want to hear that garbage.

The most astonishing news is quoted from the WDBJ 7 article linked above:

“Here’s the back story, we’re told that shortly after Crumb and Get It told Biden’s advance people ‘no’ — the secret service walked in and told Chris McMurray ”Thanks for standing up and saying ‘no’ — then they bought a whole bunch of cookies and cupcakes.”

“McMurray said he’s hoping folks will understand he just didn’t want to be part of a photo op for an administration whose policies he doesn’t agree with.”

Pharmer applauds Chris McMurray  for sticking to his principles.

Phun!! Hillary and Joe Biden Trade Places

Grammatico of Breitbart has a  waking nightmare of Biden and Hillary swapping jobs.

Detailed in this bit of “news” is the confirmation process ushering Biden to his new position as Secretary of State……. as if that mattered.

We have found that the Obaminator can make recess appointments EVEN WHEN CONGRESS IS NOT IN RECESS!!!!!!!    Apparently the Senators  are  so afraid of being dumped off of a bridge with cement shoes, that they dare not object to this abrogation of the Constitution.

Senate confirmation processes have very recently become superfluous.  However the fantasy appearance of Joe Biden before  Senator Kerry and  the Foreign Relations Committee is hilarious fun.  If you need a laugh, click HERE.

White House Confirms: No Jobs Bill = More Rapes

Breitbart.tv » White House Confirms: No Jobs Bill = More Rapes.

Does the Obama administration control the number of rapes occurring in the United States?

Click above to watch Jay Carney try to defend the statements from Joe Biden that passing the “Jobs” bill  (tax increases) is necessary to prevent more rapes and murders from occurring in the U.S..

An important aside is that the jobs bill would only pay for more police in some cities, for a single year.   Apparently Obama can only forestall the appetites of rapists  for that short period.  After that, you’re on your own.

UPDATE: Factcheck.org shines the light on Biden’s Bogus Crime stats. It seems that the FBI thinks that rapes decreased a bit, in Flint, Michigan, rather than quadrupling as Biden had claimed.


Reporter Locked in Closet at Biden Fundraiser

Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers was designated as the pool reporter to cover a Biden Fundraiser at Alan Ginsberg’s “Winter Park” house in Florida.

The reporter was confined to a closet by Biden staffers during most of the event to keep him from mingling with the guests, and was only let out to hear Biden’s prepared remarks.  He was then confined back to the closet.

Powers sent an image of his “holding cell”  to his editors, and that is available for a short time the Drudge Report.

The host of the event later apologized to Powers, saying that he was only following the lead of the Democrat staffers, and claimed that he had no idea that the reporter was confined to a closet.

A Whole lot of Transparency Going on in the Democrat Party.

Update: an interview with Scott Powers is at Breitbart.com