White House Confirms: No Jobs Bill = More Rapes

Breitbart.tv » White House Confirms: No Jobs Bill = More Rapes.

Does the Obama administration control the number of rapes occurring in the United States?

Click above to watch Jay Carney try to defend the statements from Joe Biden that passing the “Jobs” bill  (tax increases) is necessary to prevent more rapes and murders from occurring in the U.S..

An important aside is that the jobs bill would only pay for more police in some cities, for a single year.   Apparently Obama can only forestall the appetites of rapists  for that short period.  After that, you’re on your own.

UPDATE: Factcheck.org shines the light on Biden’s Bogus Crime stats. It seems that the FBI thinks that rapes decreased a bit, in Flint, Michigan, rather than quadrupling as Biden had claimed.