Abandoned: the Fort Hood Victims of Major Hasan

Fort Hood Hero Says Obama ‘Betrayed’ Her, Other Victims – ABC News.

The Obama administration has sought to save health care funds by downgrading the shootings of Ft. Hood as “workplace violence”.

Though Obama saw fit to kill Maj. Nidal Hasan’s alleged instigator, Anwar al-Awlaki, and his underage son by a drone attack, calling them terrorists,  he oddly would not treat the veterans who were killed or wounded in the attack as is customary in the military.  Many of them were forced to leave the military as a result of their injuries, but they do not have the usual benefits and medical coverage that would be accorded to wounded veterans.

Some are having to find private physicians to treat their ongoing injuries.  Sgt. Kimberly Munley, who was shot three times  while confronting Hasan,  has been laid off.   Her partner Sgt. Mark Todd  is the one credited with the five shots which stopped Hasan’s rampage.

Munley is the veteran who was used for an Obama photo-0p, sitting next to Michelle Obama, at the 2010 state of the union address.  She now feels betrayed, and let down after Obama’s promise that the victims would be well taken care of.

A lawsuit is in the works against the military, as is a movie about the Ft. Hood shooting.   You can learn more about this group which is among  the  thousands of Obama photo-op “victims” who were promised administrative ‘love’ and  federal aid, and were subsequently abandoned.  CLICK HERE!

Pastors challenge IRS rule with partisan talk – BakersfieldCalifornian.com

Pastors challenge IRS rule with partisan talk – BakersfieldCalifornian.com.

What makes most non profit 501 (C)(3) tax exempt groups so quiet about their causes? Why are they afraid to name names, and speak loudly against the politicians who oppose them? On this past Pulpit Freedom Sunday, more than 1500 Pastors openly defied the 1954 IRS regulation which sought to squash political speech by non profit groups, by scaring them with the IRS boogieman.
In all these 58 years, the IRS has done next to nothing against politically activist churches and non-profits. The IRS has only succeeded in stripping one church of its tax exempt status, in 1992. That particular church in Binghamton, NY ran newspaper ads against Bill Clinton and his positions on abortion and homosexuality.
Since then the IRS has sent only warning letters to a relatively few churches, and since then has had a policy of not enforcing this law.
The Pulpit Freedom Sunday supporters believe that the IRS fears losing ground on this First Amendment issue.

So…….. Why are so many churches and pro-life 501(c)(3) groups so quiet and polite about the political issues which impinge on their cause?
Why don’t they take a chance with their own careers, and income, as so many pro-life health care professionals have been doing? If they led by example, more people would be standing up and taking personal risks to stand up for life.

Don’t forget, the supposedly non-profit, tax funded, and tax exempt planned unparenthood has been openly funding and endorsing candidates for years.

George Zimmerman Files Suit Against NBC

Remember that audio from NBC painting George Zimmerman (who killed Trayvon Martin during an altercation)  as a racist wanna-be cop?  The one that excluded the 911 operator’s part in the conversation? The one that incited all those race riots and death threats, and is possibly the reason that Zimmerman is in jail?

NBC version:
Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

The real transcript :
Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something.
It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”
Dispatcher: “OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?”
Zimmerman: “He looks black.”

Zimmerman is suing NBC now, and Pharmer hopes that he gets millions in punitive damages.

More at Fox News.

This Case Gives “Tickle Me Elmo” a Whole New Feel

Kevin Clash: Voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo accused of having ‘sexual relationship with underage boy’ | Mail Online.

A  Sandusky like scandal is  bubbling up for 52 year old Kevin Clash, the voice behind Sesame Street Puppet Elmo for more than two decades.

A 23 year old Man has brought forth allegations that Kevin Clash started a sexual relationship with him when he was 16  Clash admits to the relationship, but says that the sex started later, and that it was between two consenting adults.

After obtaining no positive result from complaints to Sesame Workshop officials, the accuser has lawyered up with  Andreozzi and Associates, who handled one of the complaints in the Jerry Sandusky case.

Clash has taken a leave of absence to defend his reputation.

Aren’t you glad we saved big bird?

UPDATE!!! Nevermind! The accuser now states that HE really was legal when he and Kevin Clash had whatever kind of sex. In New York, that means he was greater than 17 years old, and Clash was greater than 45 years old, at the time. Clash, the voice who made Elmo a star, is a divorced father of a grown woman, who states that he is gay, and admitted to having a relationship with his accuser. He remains on leave from his job.

We can be soooooooooooo relieved that middle aged Kevin Clash had the good sense to make sure that his young sex partner was of legal age, we still maintain that “Tickle me Elmo” now sounds a bit Nastaaaaay.

UPDATE! Another Lawsuit  A new accuser, Cecil Singleton is bringing a five million dollar lawsuit against Kevin Clash.  It is alleged  that the Clash  had been cruising on telephone chat lines for young sex partners and picked up Cecil when he was only 15 years of age.  The NY Daily News states that Sheldon Stevens, who made news earlier this month with his accusation, had been paid $125,000 dollars as a settlement, prior to recanting his charges.    He now wants to return this money and says that his charges are true. 

In the wake of the new accusations from Singleton, Kevin Clash has resigned from Sesame Street as the voice of Elmo.

UPDATE, Boy #3 This one is named John Doe.  He has started the manuscript of a book about his encounters with Kevin Clash, which he says began when he was 16.   One of the chapters of his book to be is: “Tickled my Heart”.   He has filed suit for $75,000 in damages.  Perhaps that will help him get his book published.    The boys are popping up like mushrooms.  No wonder Kevin resigned.

‘Free at Last’: Michael Savage Leaves Radio Show After Legal Victory in Dispute With Talk Radio Network | TheBlaze.com

You won’t be hearing Michael Savage on the Radio for awhile. He’s been having messy “divorce” proceedings with Talk Radio Network, and afer two years of legal battles, has been allowed to leave, with the freedom to work for any competitor, and to keep the archives of his shows. Savage had 8 million listeners who will be left without him as the 2012 elections approach. This might not be great timing.

Pharmer recognizes Savage as a very educated, (PhD in ethnomedicine) and intelligent man, with a strong sense of right and wrong, and complete disdain for political correctness. She has listened his show in small doses as he conveys too much awareness of his own pulse. Fun fact: Savage’s son Russell Weiner is the founder of the company that makes Rockstar energy drinks.

Savage Listeners can keep up with him at his website.

‘Free at Last’: Michael Savage Leaves Radio Show After Legal Victory in Dispute With Talk Radio Network | TheBlaze.com.

Christian CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Sues Obama Admin. Over HHS Mandate | TheBlaze.com

Shop at Hobby Lobby! They’re now the largest privately owned company to sue the Obama administration over its Health and Human Services Mandate. David Green, the CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby explains that he will pay 1.3 million dollars in fines if he refuses to buy insurance that covers types of birth control that Evangelical Christians oppose. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is providing legal representation in this challenge to the HHS Mandate.

Prayers for the success of Mr. Green and the Hobby Lobby Corporation in their efforts to defend religious freedom.

Christian CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Sues Obama Admin. Over HHS Mandate | TheBlaze.com.

Darrel Issa: House Oversight Committee will Sue Eric Holder Over Fast and Furious

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa Announces Lawsuit Against Eric Holder Over Fast and Furious Documents | TheBlaze.com.

The House oversight committee is throwing the Fast and Furious issue, and Eric Holder’s obstruction of justice to the federal court system.
Holder has been stonewalling and withholding documents which have been subpoenaed by the Oversight Committee for months and months, as he tries to prevent discovery of his and the president’s complicity with the very illegal, Fast and Furious, gunrunning operation.
Over the weekend, Issa tweeted that he will sue Eric Holder for the information.
This ought to give Republicans something to talk about during the campaign season.

Briton Sues NHS for Firing Her Over Her Pro-Life Views | LifeNews.com

Briton Sues NHS for Firing Her Over Her Pro-Life Views | LifeNews.com.

Margaret Forrester, a psychological wellbeing practitioner with the Central and North West London NHS Trust, has filed suit against her employer for breaching her freedom of religion and freedom of speach. Mrs. Forrester was disciplined and suspended after an informal conversation with a colleague during which she presented a booklet and her views that abortion adversely affects the physical and mental health of women.

Mrs. Forrester, a Roman Catholic, is represented by the Thomas More Legal Centre. One of their spokespersons is wondering why the NHS objects to a discussion of abortion among their health service professionals: “If the NHS is not willing to allow the effects of Abortion to be discussed by NHS staff it raises a real question as to what the NHS is afraid of.”

School of Hard Knocks

Suit: Boy falls, teacher says crawl back to Skokie school – Chicago Sun-Times.

Devonshire Elementary School provided survivalist training to a six  year old boy who slipped in the snow, hitting his head and breaking his leg.

The following account comes from the parents,  Pritam and Priya, Chandani, and the school officials are not talking.

The teacher apparently told the boy, Rahul Chandani, to walk back, to the building, but he had to crawl as a result of the fractured tibia.

The parents were not notified nor was medical attention was offered to the boy, who was seen crawling by his mother when she picked him up after school.  She took him to the hospital.

As the survivalist training was not an expected or contracted part of the  curriculum, the school is facing a lawsuit filed by the parents.   There is no information as to whether the teacher still has a job.

Could a  teachers’ union member in Illinois be fired for such an infraction?

Catholic college sues Obama administration over abortifacient contraceptive mandate | LifeSiteNews.com

Catholic college sues Obama administration over abortifacient contraceptive mandate | LifeSiteNews.com.

Belmont  Abbey College, represented by the Becket Fund,  is suing the Obama Administration over its mandate forcing  religious institutions to cover abortifacient forms of birth control.  The two most obvious mentioned in the above article are Ella and Plan B One-Step, but the actual list would properly  include all hormonal forms of birth control on the market.

The supposed religious exemption written in the Obamacare legislation is regarded as too narrow to include Belmont Abbey College, and it will need to choose between contraceptive coverage or offering any health care coverage at all.