School of Hard Knocks

Suit: Boy falls, teacher says crawl back to Skokie school – Chicago Sun-Times.

Devonshire Elementary School provided survivalist training to a six  year old boy who slipped in the snow, hitting his head and breaking his leg.

The following account comes from the parents,  Pritam and Priya, Chandani, and the school officials are not talking.

The teacher apparently told the boy, Rahul Chandani, to walk back, to the building, but he had to crawl as a result of the fractured tibia.

The parents were not notified nor was medical attention was offered to the boy, who was seen crawling by his mother when she picked him up after school.  She took him to the hospital.

As the survivalist training was not an expected or contracted part of the  curriculum, the school is facing a lawsuit filed by the parents.   There is no information as to whether the teacher still has a job.

Could a  teachers’ union member in Illinois be fired for such an infraction?

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  1. Yet another reason Ohio should have maintained SB 5 and Wisconsin needs to retain Scott Walker. Little sanity left if the teacher unions have their way. One wonders if this teacher will now get "merit" pay increases or just step and longevity increases? Just sayin'!

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