Jessie Duff’s Gun Lesson for Voters

Watch as This Woman Proves She Knows More About Guns & Marksmanship Than You (Probably) Ever Will | Video |

After you watch this, you’ll know much more about guns than most of your politicians who presume to regulate them.   The major take home point is that the proposed legislation will have more effect on  guns which shoot small caliber bullets, and not those which would clean out a room, or put a huge hole in a target.  Obviously the regulations are not intended for protection.  Overall, the government wants to remove access to the guns which are easiest for smaller people to manipulate and shoot accurately.



Abortionist in Chief, Using Children as Props, Announces 23 New Gun Control Edicts

Obama signed 23 new executive orders, expanding federal control over the distribution and tracking of guns.  Congress is also expected to deal with new legislation, as a solution to the governments utter failure to enforce the existing legislation.  The fact that the cited gun violence is concentrated in the areas with the strictest gun control has been ignored, thus revealing that the new legislation is not about protection or safety at all.

As the Abortionist in Chief pretends to be pushing gun bans for the sake of the children, take some time, surfing links below, to review some of his killer classics:

Obama Selling His Daughters for the Abortion Cause Again.
Remember how he didn’t want his daughters to be PUNISHED with a baby?

Obama on Abortion: to the left of most abortionists

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation |

Opposing the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of Illinois,


Idaho Chooses Life: Conscience Protection Bill Passes Legislature

Idaho has done something major to prevent the expulsion of pro-life health care professionals from their practices.

Idaho Chooses Life: Conscience Protection Bill Passes Legislature.

This bill is ready to be signed by the Governor,  which is only a matter of time.

AARP  (which would benefit if it’s members did not live so long) vehemently opposed this bill,  apparently fearing  that it could impede the ability of the elderly to kill themselves.

The bill has no effect on the issue of living wills in a state  without physician assisted suicide.