Spreads Word of Democrat War on Women: PRENDA legislation Killed in Congress

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The Lifenews site was fine when Pharmer first accessed it this afternoon, 5/31, but it appears that desperate people have hacked their news page about PRENDA and installed a trojan. Pharmer’s antivirus blocked it at 6 pm.
Just wait awhile for Lifenews to fix it up, and be sure to go there later to see how the Democrats killed the PRENDA bill which would have made sex selection abortions illegal in the US.

Understand that the Dems are desperate to prevent the news of their actual war on women, which involves killing them prior to birth, from being widely promulgated.

It’s too late.

In one way, the current Democrat response to PRENDA is a good thing. It helps more of the religious minded Democrat voters know their party’s agenda, and will afford them opportunity to adjust their votes accordingly this November.

Pelosi on Abortion: Foaming at the Mouth Again

Steve Ertelt grabbed this bit of video of Pelosi commenting on the latest attempt to defund abortion and protect conscientious health care professionals, being addressed in Congress.

Nancy is frothing at the mouth with more intensity than usual, fueled possibly by the cognitive dissonance in her mind. Nancy professes some connection with Catholicism, which expressly states that the killings of humans by abortion are wrong. It is up close and personal for Pelosi, who wants these procedures available for her daughters. Living inside the head of this woman would not be pleasant.

From Nancy’s mind to yours, (4/20/07) decrying the upreme Court decision to uphold the ban of partial birth abortion:
“This isn’t really an abortion issue. That is what really saddens me about what the justices said.

“This is about a procedure that any parent would want her daughter to have access to if she needed it.
And to frame it as an abortion issue is doing a disservice to medicine and to our young women and our country. So I hope we can get the focus back on the fact that this Supreme Court is deciding what medical procedures are necessary for child-bearing women.”

Pharmer invites Pelosi to present a single medical case in which any procedure of carving up a human in utero is necessary specifically to save the life of a mother.

Don’t hold your breath for a response.