Spreads Word of Democrat War on Women: PRENDA legislation Killed in Congress

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The Lifenews site was fine when Pharmer first accessed it this afternoon, 5/31, but it appears that desperate people have hacked their news page about PRENDA and installed a trojan. Pharmer’s antivirus blocked it at 6 pm.
Just wait awhile for Lifenews to fix it up, and be sure to go there later to see how the Democrats killed the PRENDA bill which would have made sex selection abortions illegal in the US.

Understand that the Dems are desperate to prevent the news of their actual war on women, which involves killing them prior to birth, from being widely promulgated.

It’s too late.

In one way, the current Democrat response to PRENDA is a good thing. It helps more of the religious minded Democrat voters know their party’s agenda, and will afford them opportunity to adjust their votes accordingly this November.