Spreads Word of Democrat War on Women: PRENDA legislation Killed in Congress

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The Lifenews site was fine when Pharmer first accessed it this afternoon, 5/31, but it appears that desperate people have hacked their news page about PRENDA and installed a trojan. Pharmer’s antivirus blocked it at 6 pm.
Just wait awhile for Lifenews to fix it up, and be sure to go there later to see how the Democrats killed the PRENDA bill which would have made sex selection abortions illegal in the US.

Understand that the Dems are desperate to prevent the news of their actual war on women, which involves killing them prior to birth, from being widely promulgated.

It’s too late.

In one way, the current Democrat response to PRENDA is a good thing. It helps more of the religious minded Democrat voters know their party’s agenda, and will afford them opportunity to adjust their votes accordingly this November.

Sending Health Care Back to the Dark Ages

Democrats: GOP Conscience Protection Amendment Would Take Us ‘Back to Medical Dark Ages’ |

Click  above and see  Crazy democrats who think that protecting  conscientious health care professionals  and their institutions  will send health care back to the dark ages.  Their real message is that government should involve itself in the distribution of birth control  / abortion / sterilization, and enslave the unwilling to pay for it and to participate in the distribution.  This further extends the  violation of civil rights that is abortion.

The Republicans are opposing government mandated distribution and enslavement.  Under the Blunt amendment,  people would have to obtain their own birth control / abortions/ sterilizations  from willing providers.   Those who are unwilling to do this could retain their freedom and self determination.

In general, the Democrats  are most easily able to order others to do their killing for them.  Their separation from the actual act of killing preserves them from perceiving the consequences directly.  Possibly they also  are on enough meds to dull the pain.  The Democrats remain the party of slavery.

Killing is not an easy thing to do.  Pharmer knows personally  that killing animals for research or for eating is not easy.  It is very hard for military people to kill.   Most veterans take no joy in thinking about past  combat experience.  Some will avoid even killing animals for food, or exterminating vermin.  Some even have to catch and release when they go fishing.   Killing is  the not  the thing that  normal people  want to do.

There are decreasing numbers of abortionists.  Many health care workers cannot stay in that field for long.   It causes sickness.   The Dems are wanting to involve all of the tax payers and health care professionals in this killing.  They resent  those of us who don’t want to kill the very young, the disabled or the elderly.

We will be leaving health care  in order to avoid the assignment of killing.

This is what will send health care back to the dark ages.


Democrats Will Shut Down Government over Planned Parenthood Funding

Planned Parenthood is one of the very Few groups which Obama and the Dems would not throw under the bus. Others are the Unions and George Soros.  Almost any one else is expendable, from the greenies to the anti-war groups, and the military itself. Some of the loyalty stems from planned parenthood’s persistent campaign funding expenditures for democrats.

Obama is ready to shut down the government in order to hold onto the Planned Parenthood group.  He does not want to defund them, even though it is within the scope of the rich Dems to replace 330 million of tax payer funds with private funds.   Their position is that we should all be forced to pay for abortions, birth control, and aiding the sex slave trade.

The pro-life groups starting long ago with Mark Crutcher have established Planned Parenthood’s complicity with those who sexually abuse minor girls, with his Eight Hundred, 800,  calls to abortion clinics, including a large number of planned parenthoods. Here is the collection from just the state of Illinois.

Lila Rose and Live Action gave us more audio and very well done video to drive home the same point.   Jill Stanek and Lila Rose provided  more audio showing that there is no mammography equipment at the planned parenthood facilities, driving home the point that the cancer screening, and Komen foundation funding is a scam.    One can obtain the grope exam at any airport, from the TSA. 😉

Planned Parenthood is closing its unprofitable clinics, and showing a  trend to move  towards focus on abortion services.   It is also not giving away free services.   The claim that they are focused on charitable efforts for low income people is a scam.  They do not provide free health care. They outsource the charity patients to public health facilities if medicaid and related funding cannot be obtained.

With all this in mind,  Remember that  Obama and your Democrats could not produce a budget, and are needing the Republicans to do so.

The Republicans are wanting to defund Planned Parenthood and have prepared a separate bill to fund paychecks for military personnel if the Dems shut down the government on this.  It appears that most of the dems oppose this bill.

Pharmer hopes that the Republicans don’t wimp out this time…. and it’s looking like they’ll stick to their guns  this weekend.

Washington is So Busy Over the Holidays

Robert M. McDowell: The FCC’s Threat to Internet Freedom –

For one,  the FCC has  Democrat support for its effort to regulate the internet.  Mainly the Dems would like you to believe that they opposed the Net Neutrality rules with which the FCC wanted to regulate the cable and phone companies.  That’s not really the case, and while you are busy with snow and holidays, job or job hunting, the push for more government control is taking place.

Also while you extremely busy,  the don’t ask, don’t tell policy of the military has been repealed. All the things the Dems wanted to do, but were afraid to try before the elections are being pushed through.  This push has been accompanied by  talk of resuming the military draft, which may become necessary over time due to increased difficulty in recruiting a volunteer force.  For years, the ethically challenged Democrat Charlie Rangel has been the point man supporting this effort. Lately his legislative efforts offer a choice between ‘national service’ and military service.

Even the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts (meaning your taxes will remain the same for two more years)  was packed with Democrat spending, and a compromise to extend the unemployment funding.  Though the Dems and media present STATIC TAX RATES as cost to the government,  it would be good to remember that only the spending portions added to the extension bill fall in this category.   It is not a cost to the goverment to allow you to keep the same proportion of your income for another two years.

The START treaty, (a method to decrease U.S. nuclear preparedness while allowing Russia to proceed unabated) is being jammed through before the end of the year, without paying attention to the contents.  Sen Jon Kyl of Arizona is to be credited for his early opposition to this treaty.  Mitch McConnell appears to be waking up to reality.  Sen Dick Lugar of Indiana (home of many RINOS)  is still exhibiting signs of encroaching dementia (liberalism).

An attempt to pass an Omnibus Budget Bill, written long ago by Sen Dan Inouye,  (in anticipation of Democrat defeat in November) failed in the Senate over the weekend . Harry Reid has pulled the bill.  This is the bill most noted for a large pack of old spending earmarks, for which Dems can claim most of the credit.

Chase orders Southlake bank to remove Christmas tree | Northeast Tarrant | News from For…

Chase orders Southlake bank to remove Christmas tree | Northeast Tarrant | News from For….

An order from headquarters forced a local bank to remove a  DONATED Christmas tree, because some people were offended.  Perhaps this corporation is adhering to new rules associated with the bank bailout which they accepted. (Yes this is a taxpayer supported business.)

Do you think a boycott by those offended by the impoliteness and hostility of JP Morgan Chase would help???  After all, a business which needs bailout money  is probably already unhealthy and maybe natural selection needs to run its course.

Meanwhile, McDermott and the Dems are invoking the spirit of Christmas in order to trash Republicans for not extending the unemployment benefits. Current law states that new expenditures are to paid for, but the Dems were not willing to use the unspent TARP slush funds to fund their new spending proposal, as the Republicans proposed.

Why The Catholic Bishops Don’t Get Donations From Pharmer

Pharmer continues the boycott of the US Catholic Bishops fundraisers, and here’s just one more reason.

This appeared in Pharmer’s Church bulletin during October, Pro-life month:

“The Indiana Bishops have asked that parishes and affiliated/associated organizations NOT distribute or allow distribution of Indiana Right To Life’s or county affiliate organization’s election materials.
The Indiana Right to Life has adopted a clearly partisan policy that effectively endorses ONLY Republican candidates for elected offices.
When the Indiana Right to Life Policy and materials are again non-partisan, with a focus on education and advocacy, parishes may be able to cooperate with the local and state organization during the election campaign once more.”

The use of the word “republican” in this announcement violates it’s own supposed non-partisan message. Thus it is internally inconsistent with the supposed spirit the Indiana Bishops are pretending to convey.

The reality is that the bulk of U.S. Bishops (outside of a persistently pro life minority) are paying lip service to pro-life ideals only due to the prodding of the pro-life Pope Benedict.

The Wallbuilders have established three years running that the churches need not fear the IRS removal of tax exempt status. Those preachers doing political advocacy from the pulpits, and sending the tapes to the IRS have yet to be taken to task. The IRS knows that it will lose this case in court, so it keeps silent, allowing the IRS intimidation of most pastors to proceed.

The Catholic Church in the United States ought not to specifically ally itself with any party, but it really needs to get out of bed with the pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, pro-euthanasia, pro-gay marriage, Pro-WAR, pro-slavery, anti-civil rights, Democrat party of the KKK. Those of us who know the history of the U.S. Wars and the above mentioned misbehaviors know which party has initiated and/or supported them in our government.

Any politically conscious person knows that the Republican party is not without stain, and this is why there is a TEA-party for one example. Pharmer has been boycotting the RNC appeals for many years, and assisting individual candidates in other ways.

Pro-life politicians need to find another party, because the Democrat party at the national level has been impervious to transformation on these issues, and defunds its pro-life candidates at the national level. Democrats have moved further left with their chosen president’s inclusion of actual infanticide as an extension of abortion.


The Indiana Right to Life Voter Guide has no endorsements included on the document. It has survey questions for federal and state candidates, followed by lists of the candidates (without party affiliation) and their replies to the questions.

Indiana Right to Life has issued a statement that it will back no Democrats this year, due in part  to the cooperation of Indiana Democrats with the pro abortion Obamacare.  The Democrat state officials have not allowed pro-life legislation to proceed in the Indiana legislature as well.  The Indiana Bishops are reminded of Independents, Teapartiers, and Libertarians which are active within the state, and which are not excluded from consideration.  It is revealed that the “only republicans” statement appearing in the church bulletin really means “no democrats”.

The 2010 List of Indiana Right to Life PAC endorsements- click HERE

The Democrat Party Platform of 2008 on Abortion:
“The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.”

“The Democratic Party also strongly supports access to comprehensive affordable family planning services and age-appropriate sex education which empower people to make informed choices and live healthy lives. We also recognize that such health care and education help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and thereby also reduce the need for abortions.”

“The Democratic Party also strongly supports a woman’s decision to have a child by ensuring access to and availability of programs for pre and post natal health care, parenting skills, income support, and caring adoption programs.”

Liberal outlets try to nab John Boehner for infidelity before midterm elections –

Liberal outlets try to nab John Boehner for infidelity before midterm elections –

The proposed liaison  is not cooperating with the Dems’s claim about an affair.

They might have to find a new “mistress”,  pay her to say she had sex with John Boehner,  and do a bunch of photoshopping.

There’s a plus to the lack of technical ability on the part of the lefties.

Psssst, They’re All Democrats, but that’s a secret

Ex-city manager among 8 arrested in Calif. scandal.

You won’t find the party affiliation of these 8 overpaid civil servants from the small town of  Bell, California anywhere in the lamestream press.

Rest assured, they’re all democrats. This group has been under investigation for their massive salaries, abuse of funds and voter fraud.

Look hard in this AP story……….. no party name is attached  to the City manager who made in excess of $800,000 yearly, the police chief who made $457,000, and the assistant city manager who made $376,000.  Four city council members were getting over $100,000 for part time work.

For the full scoop on these scandal-ridden Democrats…….visit Newsbusters.