No Mammograms at Planned Parenthood

Jill Stanek does it again……. she has found that Planned Parenthood will tell you where to go to get a mammogram, but does not provide any.

This is extremely important during the period in which Planned Parenthood is blitzing the media with claims about services lost if that organization is defunded. Visits to their sites show interesting things. Many of the clinics dispense drugs, but they do not offer mammograms off site.

Also planned parenthood refers patients who cannot pay through medicaid, insurance or cash to actual free services ELSEWHERE. This is seen on the collection of Live Action videos which have been featured at this blog during February. Scroll down.

This news makes sense since mammograms are not really a profit center to those health care providers and institutions which provide the service. The third party reimbursement is not very good. Pharmer had always thought that planned parenthood would offer the service at a few of their clinics as a draw to customers, and to justify the claims that they offer comprehensive care to women. But it seems that these claims are simply unfounded and the justification for obtaining grant funds from the Komen Foundation does not exist.

So……… Pharmer has an appointment at the squish machine tomorrow, but it won’t be at planned parenthood. Wouldn’t be caught dead going to one of their facilities for services, even if they actually did offer mammograms.

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