Democrats Will Shut Down Government over Planned Parenthood Funding

Planned Parenthood is one of the very Few groups which Obama and the Dems would not throw under the bus. Others are the Unions and George Soros.  Almost any one else is expendable, from the greenies to the anti-war groups, and the military itself. Some of the loyalty stems from planned parenthood’s persistent campaign funding expenditures for democrats.

Obama is ready to shut down the government in order to hold onto the Planned Parenthood group.  He does not want to defund them, even though it is within the scope of the rich Dems to replace 330 million of tax payer funds with private funds.   Their position is that we should all be forced to pay for abortions, birth control, and aiding the sex slave trade.

The pro-life groups starting long ago with Mark Crutcher have established Planned Parenthood’s complicity with those who sexually abuse minor girls, with his Eight Hundred, 800,  calls to abortion clinics, including a large number of planned parenthoods. Here is the collection from just the state of Illinois.

Lila Rose and Live Action gave us more audio and very well done video to drive home the same point.   Jill Stanek and Lila Rose provided  more audio showing that there is no mammography equipment at the planned parenthood facilities, driving home the point that the cancer screening, and Komen foundation funding is a scam.    One can obtain the grope exam at any airport, from the TSA. 😉

Planned Parenthood is closing its unprofitable clinics, and showing a  trend to move  towards focus on abortion services.   It is also not giving away free services.   The claim that they are focused on charitable efforts for low income people is a scam.  They do not provide free health care. They outsource the charity patients to public health facilities if medicaid and related funding cannot be obtained.

With all this in mind,  Remember that  Obama and your Democrats could not produce a budget, and are needing the Republicans to do so.

The Republicans are wanting to defund Planned Parenthood and have prepared a separate bill to fund paychecks for military personnel if the Dems shut down the government on this.  It appears that most of the dems oppose this bill.

Pharmer hopes that the Republicans don’t wimp out this time…. and it’s looking like they’ll stick to their guns  this weekend.