Just Letting Those RNC Folks Know……

Possibly the Harvard graduates at the Republican National Committee are not smart enough to understand that if you shrink the birth rate to below replacement rate, there won’t be enough people to support the elderly, and society will switch to a plan of denying health care and other support in order to conserve resources. On the other hand, it might be that they have the same plan for our elderly, disabled, and very young as the democrats do. The birth rate in 2011 is as low as ever recorded in the U.S. That announcement comes from the CDC’s data for 2011.
During the time leading up to the election, your friendly Pharmer was busy, and had no time for the RNC. She was too busy sending donations to the candidates they threw under the bus, among the myriad other work, domestic and political activities.
Soo, yours truly decided to drop an opinion at their site today. It’s short and sweet.

Mr. Priebus et al,

Social policy is intertwined with fiscal policy inextricably. Much of the reason for the debt crisis, to which the republicans paid lip service, is due to population demographics. It’s a conservative estimate that over a hundred million Americans are NOT here due to the propensity of people for killing their offspring prior to birth. If you were wondering how to fix social security and medicare, please get a clue.
I was practically born a republican, and proudly 1st-voted for Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter. The RNC does not want me or my kind in the party. We do not fit the agenda. After the RNC violated Reagan’s 11 commandment by throwing pro-life candidates under the bus for incorrect phraseology, it became clear that it’s time for me to move on. I donated to the candidates whom you tossed out.
I am a blogger, public speaker, and health care professional, I am no longer Republican, and am taking as many people to tea-party with me as I can.

Jill Stanek: Karl Rove, fair weather friend

Karl Rove, fair weather friend. <-Click it, read it, pass it on. This synopsis is a quick and very important read, which validates Pharmer's notion that Karl Rove has never been a friend of conservatives or pro-lifers. You'll learn of Rove's connection to the Todd Akin and the Susan Komen Foundation vs. planned parenthood issues.

While the tea-party does the slow work of transforming the nation, pro-lifers will have to support Romney, though his record on life issues is spotty, just to get Obama-the-Extremist out. Absent a massive conversion on Mitt’s part, conservatives should still be casting about for his replacement, and be able to supply a strong primary opponent in 2016, or a third party opponent, depending on the response of the republican establishment.

The Tea-Party needs to repeatedly demonstrate to the Rove- RINO’s that they are no longer needed. One effective means of accomplishing this is helping Todd Akin beat Claire McCaskill. This is worthwhile for every member of the grass roots, whether or not they are big on the abortion issue itself. The republican establishment has been dissing the Tea-Party since the beginning, and we need to show them who’s boss. All of us would benefit from the retirement of Karl Rove and his ilk.

Mo. congressman Todd Akin defies GOP leaders to stay in race

My Way News – Mo. congressman defies GOP leaders to stay in race.

The problem with America is that using the word ‘legitimate’ in the place of the word ‘violent’ is considered a more serious problem than, for example, infanticide. Most of the republican establishment would publicly state that Obama, who vigorously defended this practice in Illinois, is a ‘legitimate’ presidential choice.

Where did Akin get his politically incorrect idea that that pregnancy does not often ensue from violent rape? Politically incorrect pro-lifers noted that very few pregnancies from rape were reported, when compared with numbers of reported rape events, (back when rape was more associated with physical violence).

They, most significantly, noted that few abortions were associated with rape, as compared to the massive numbers of abortions associated with recreational sex.

Those same pro-lifers surmised that the trauma of violent rape was not readily conducive to pregnancy.

Now our media is supplying us with theories that rape is motivated by sexual attraction (rather than violent intent) and that this happens when a woman is more fertile. Suddenly, rape has become a procreative mechanism, rather than unacceptable violence, in the minds of our political class. Promoting this theory is not going to help the conditions of women at all, but we’ve known for a long time that this isn’t in the game plan of our leftists.

To subscribe, as Akin did, to the former theory is considered more repugnant than defending and supporting the practice of killing babies after they are born, as Obama has done.

Incidentally, the star speaker at the democrat convention will be Bill Clinton, who has been accused of two rapes, several instances of unwanted sexual imposition, and lying to Congress and the American people concerning his habits. The state of Arkansas found Clinton’s ethical lapses sufficient to suspend his law license. On Dec 19, 1998 he was impeached.

The extreme ignorance and upside-down sense of proportion of the leftists, and their allies in the republican establishment, are ‘legitimate reasons’ for this country’s decline.

So far, Todd Akin has chosen not to pay attention to the republican wimps who threw him under the bus for uttering an incorrect word. They have never pursued democrats with such fervor, for much more serious errors or offenses.

Should he remain steadfast, an out of state contribution to his campaign is coming from the Pharmer, with the hope that other pro-life people will kick in to replace the lost support from his useless political party.

Netanyahu associate: Obama detached from reality – Israel News, Ynetnews

Netanyahu associate: Obama detached from reality – Israel News, Ynetnews.

The clueless Obama has requested that Israel retreat to indefensible 1967 boundaries, and Netanyahu, naturally has refused, since he knows this means the end of his country.

Obama is hurting from the Muslim  backlash in response to  killing Osama bin Laden, (and receiving no political benefit from it).  He’s ready to throw Israel under the bus to make  up to his radical friends, not realizing that this isn’t beneficial for most of the Middle East in the long run.

Netanyahu’s visit to the US will be interesting.

Democrats Will Shut Down Government over Planned Parenthood Funding

Planned Parenthood is one of the very Few groups which Obama and the Dems would not throw under the bus. Others are the Unions and George Soros.  Almost any one else is expendable, from the greenies to the anti-war groups, and the military itself. Some of the loyalty stems from planned parenthood’s persistent campaign funding expenditures for democrats.

Obama is ready to shut down the government in order to hold onto the Planned Parenthood group.  He does not want to defund them, even though it is within the scope of the rich Dems to replace 330 million of tax payer funds with private funds.   Their position is that we should all be forced to pay for abortions, birth control, and aiding the sex slave trade.

The pro-life groups starting long ago with Mark Crutcher have established Planned Parenthood’s complicity with those who sexually abuse minor girls, with his Eight Hundred, 800,  calls to abortion clinics, including a large number of planned parenthoods. Here is the collection from just the state of Illinois.

Lila Rose and Live Action gave us more audio and very well done video to drive home the same point.   Jill Stanek and Lila Rose provided  more audio showing that there is no mammography equipment at the planned parenthood facilities, driving home the point that the cancer screening, and Komen foundation funding is a scam.    One can obtain the grope exam at any airport, from the TSA. 😉

Planned Parenthood is closing its unprofitable clinics, and showing a  trend to move  towards focus on abortion services.   It is also not giving away free services.   The claim that they are focused on charitable efforts for low income people is a scam.  They do not provide free health care. They outsource the charity patients to public health facilities if medicaid and related funding cannot be obtained.

With all this in mind,  Remember that  Obama and your Democrats could not produce a budget, and are needing the Republicans to do so.

The Republicans are wanting to defund Planned Parenthood and have prepared a separate bill to fund paychecks for military personnel if the Dems shut down the government on this.  It appears that most of the dems oppose this bill.

Pharmer hopes that the Republicans don’t wimp out this time…. and it’s looking like they’ll stick to their guns  this weekend.

WikiLeaks cables: US Gives Up UK’s Missile Secrets to Russia

WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain’s nuclear secrets – Telegraph.

WTF!   The Wikileaks Task Force was not able to keep this corked up.

The US and Russia supposedly have long  shared their missile  information  (you KNOW this is one-sided),  but the UK liked  to keep their missile information secret, due to the relatively small size of their arsenal.

Wiki has leaked that the US appears to have sold the UK down the river in an attempt to get Russia to like America more, and sign the START treaty.  They agreed to give the info on all the Trident missiles supplied by the U.S.  to the UK.

This is something like a mother selling her daughter to a guy in order  to keep his support.  Utterly disgusting.

And the likes of  Senator Dick Lugar thought this was a good idea, apparently.

Dems “Reward” the U.S. Catholic Bishops for their support all these years

Democratic Ad: Catholic Church More Concerned About Abortion Than Poor | LifeNews.com.

To the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:

See what happens????  You make one single complaint about the Obamacare, (because the Pope made you do it)  and the Dems throw you under the bus!

Check out this Minnesota Democratic Party Ad……. sez the Catholic  Church Cares more about abortion than the poor.

Not the Back of the bus………. UNDER the bus!

UNDER THE BUS… Strategems from inside the Sherrod Debacle

Shirley Sherrod was caught up in the race war which the Democrats and Obama administration are setting up against the Tea Party.

Hannity on Fox interviews Andrew Breitbart after the fact. From this we learn:

The video is an old news source from April. Breitbart sat on it until July, and decided to use it because the NAACP will not let go of the false story of teaparty behavior towards Black congressmen in Washington during the anti Obamacare rally.
Breitbart gives no opinion on the firing of Shirley Sherrod, claiming that she is not the real focus of the story which he presented about the NAACP and its racial issues.

Watch till the end as Breitbart reads  a statement by Mary Francis Berry,  discussing the democrat strategem to use accusations of racism to attenuate the influence of the Teaparty movement.

Expect that false accusations against the Tea Partiers will be continue to be vigorously opposed in like manner.

Shirley Sherrod, a person who appeared to have long ago learned a lesson on her own, was caught up in this race war, incited by the democrats, and perhaps has learned a new  lesson.
The Obama administration has its own welfare in mind, not that of Black people, the poor, or anyone else.

Mary Francis Berry was  a  Civil Rights Commissioner of the Clinton and Carter administrations,  and has this to say about the Democrats treatment of the Tea party.

“Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness.”

Rev Wright is on the loose

Obama can’t keep a lid on his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. The Rev. is on a whirlwind tour to embarrass the leading democrat candidate further. Newt Gingrich theorizes that Wright is hurting Obama intentionally. I’m trying to decide if the effort is because Obama threw Wright under the bus with his Grandma, or if Wright has some idea of generating some racial discord, fueled by Obama failing in the primaries.
PM update — from Obama today ““Obviously whatever relationship that I had with Reverend Wright has changed as a consequence of this,” Obama said today. “I don’t think that he showed much concern for me; I don’t think he showed much concern for what we’re trying to do.

I don’t think Obama’s going to be able to put a cork in Rev. Wright, unless maybe a large sum of money would do it…….. Those posh gated communities are definitely high rent.