Tiny Anti-Gun Rally in Washington DC gets Big Coverage, While the Huge March for Life is Ignored

Reuters carefully kept the camera angles low to conceal the fact that the Anti-gun rally on Saturday, in Washington DC was less than a hundredth of the size of the annual March for Life.   “Thousands” were said to have attended.  See for yourself by checking out their slide show HERE.   This would be considered a mandate from the people for the Obama administration.

But 40 years of THIS  happening every January in the capitol means absolutely nothing to the Obama administration and its useless media.  Check out the 2013 March for life slide show found by Bing image search.
Nothing for the media to see here.  NYT had been ignoring it for years, but published just a little bit on it this time.
Here’s a video by Rico Viqueira at ground level, which gives some views of March for Life 2013 passing through.


Now…….. take a look at Telegraph TV, showing you  the “1 percent” at the anti-gun rally in DC, on the day after the March for Life.

Who do you think has the ear of the Obama administration?

Record Breaking Crowds at March for Life 2013, Washington DC

‘March for Life’ rally protests abortion in Washington, DC (PHOTOS) | GlobalPost.

Hundreds of thousands gathered in the nation’s Capitol on the 40th anniversary of the Roe V Wade disaster, to protest abortion, and attend numerous educational events for pro-life activists.  Jeanne Monahan, leading the March organizers, was expecting more than the 400,000 who showed up last year, because their reserved hotel blocks sold out a month earlier this time.

Lifenews.com reports that expectations were met with more than a half million attending the rally this year, including a record breaking number from Catholic colleges from around the country.

Meanwhile, the Duggar family, which is large enough to hold protests without outside assistance, has launched a new pro-life website, offering resources to those interested in ending abortion.   It’s debut was timed to coincide with the March for Life yesterday.  Take a look HERE.     A permanent link is on the sidebar.

Paul Bedard’s (Annual) Washington Secret

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard clues us in on the latest Washington Secret.  This one happens every year, but flies under the radar for most lamestream media attuned Americans.

This year will be the 40th annual March for Life, on Jan 25th, and hotel reservations for that event are outpacing those for Obama’s second inauguration.  Every year hundreds of thousands of people, mostly young people and students,  show up to re-energize their efforts for the pro-life cause.  This year the event organizers are expecting record crowds and are preparing for the youth oriented event with their first-ever use of jumbotrons along the route, a 5 K race, and many accompanying educational events. Check out the website HERE.

Media Malpractice Regarding the Pro-Life March in Washington Continues

Abortion Rights Opponents Rally in Washington.

Fox News gives pathetic coverage of the rally,  purposely eliminating the fact that it has become largely fueled by the efforts of pro-life YOUTH, who register to the right of their elders on this issue.  If you watch Fox’s abominable video, you will see the term anti-choice used instead of pro-life, and no young people interviewed on the pro-life side.

‘Tens of thousands’, instead of  ‘hundreds of thousands’ is falsely used for the um-teenth year in a row to misrepresent the crowd size of the pro-lifers.

Yes, it’s true……. Fox News is little better than the rest of them on this issue.

It’s why you come here…….. to the internet to get your news, instead of watching the networks.

You might wish to head to the European press for coverage of this rally and the Obama State of the Union Show, for some information from people with less of an axe to grind.

One more shot on the Pro-life issue……….. which isn’t just about abortion, you know.

The European Court of Human Rights has published  a preliminary finding that there is NO human right to assisted suicide.

Those Muslims are really turning Europe around on the life issues.  Could it be that Christians had  turned the other cheek a little too much when dealing with the issue of other people’s lives???

Media is Not Letting Go of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

It’s the anniversary weekend of Roe V Wade, the March for Life is Monday, and the media really has its hooks into Kermit Gosnell.

They’re wringing their hands over the deaths and mutilations of his female patients, and wondering how the state failed in its oversight of the action for 30 years.

Meanwhile it’s party time for Obama, who’s thrilled as can be that Roe V Wade usurped the states rights to regulate and prohibit abortion.

Obama’s schedule for the week of Jan 23rd does not include an address of the pro-lifers when they’re in town.