The Blaze Exposes MSLSD in another Audio Visual Lie

MSLSD has that nickname for a reason. Remember the edited George Zimmerman 911 tape that started all the riots, protests, and destroyed chances for a fair trial?
Remember the gun toting Black man at a Phoenix health care town hall who’s head was excluded in order to turn him White? You can see the MSLSD fraud, as well as the man explaining that he’s doing a perfectly legal thing.

At MSLSD, the commentators were rollin’ eyes at a video of what appeared to be Romney leading a failed chant of “Romney Ryan”.

According to attendees, what really happened is that the crowed started chanting “Romney Romney” and Romney interrupted in order to get them to include Ryan.

Click below to get the real scoop.

MSNBC Repeatedly Plays Clip of Failed Romney Ryan Chant, Event Attendees Claim It’s a Gross Misrepresentation | Video |


Does Planned Parenthood provide Mammograms?


courtesy of Live Action Films.

Senior Vice President for Policy, Karen Handel has resigned from the Komen Foundation. She has been credited with initiating the Komen decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Handel says she supported the decision but that the idea was initiated before she was hired into her position, in April 2011.

Jill Stanek notes that Karen Handel has declined a severance package from Komen. What this means is that her departure is probably about as good for Komen as the departure of Abby Johnson was for planned unparenthood. Know what I mean?? 😉

Head over to Jill’s place to see what happened when ATT disconnected planned unparenthood.

Chris Matthews -Memory Lapse or just another Lie

You know every politician is taken to task  for such public gaffes as Chris Matthew’s latest bomb.  Byron York dissects him thoroughly for his latest comment on the use of “regime” to describe the Obama administration.   Apparently the TINGLY ONE had never heard such a vitriolic term used to describe a U.S. presidency.

Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthews and the ‘regime’ question | Washington Examiner.

It seems that Chris Matthews forgot the thousands of time the term “Bush regime” came up in the mainstream media, as well as his own use of the term.

From York’s editorial:

Finally — you knew this was coming — on June 14, 2002, Chris Matthews himself introduced a panel discussion about a letter signed by many prominent leftists condemning the Bush administration’s conduct of the war on terror. “Let’s go to the Reverend Al Sharpton,” Matthews said. “Reverend Sharpton, what do you make of this letter and this panoply of the left condemning the Bush regime?”

Is the Government Embezzling, or Underreporting Unemployment?

Read up at There’s a nice analysis which shows that the government is paying out more money than is justifiable by the unemployment checks being doled out to the 9.5 million recipients which the Dept of Labor claims to be beneficiaries.

The actual total $ outlay $ is 35% in excess of the amount which would cover these unemployment claims. It is enough to pay 14 million recipients. So either there is considerable embezzling, or the actual number of unemployed being serviced by the government is far in excess of the claim we have been hearing.

Check this analysis out for yourself, and YOU decide if the government is stealing, or lying, or perhaps both!