The Blaze Exposes MSLSD in another Audio Visual Lie

MSLSD has that nickname for a reason. Remember the edited George Zimmerman 911 tape that started all the riots, protests, and destroyed chances for a fair trial?
Remember the gun toting Black man at a Phoenix health care town hall who’s head was excluded in order to turn him White? You can see the MSLSD fraud, as well as the man explaining that he’s doing a perfectly legal thing.

At MSLSD, the commentators were rollin’ eyes at a video of what appeared to be Romney leading a failed chant of “Romney Ryan”.

According to attendees, what really happened is that the crowed started chanting “Romney Romney” and Romney interrupted in order to get them to include Ryan.

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MSNBC Repeatedly Plays Clip of Failed Romney Ryan Chant, Event Attendees Claim It’s a Gross Misrepresentation | Video |