Deb Butler, NC State Senate Candidate Waves ‘Transvaginal Wand’

NC Senate Candidate Waves ‘Transvaginal Wand’ in Campaign Ad |

Click above to see a video of NC State Senate Candidate Deb Butler Whining about her opponent Thom Goolsby.

Take a look at Deb Butler’s Endorsements from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, and Lillians List.

Deb thinks the ultrasound is invasive but TAX PAYER FUNDED ABORTIONS are not.
Deb thinks that informing women before aborting their baby is invasive, but laminaria and suction cannulas are not.
Perhaps Deb also thinks that the TSA grope method, for which Planned Parenthood Charges Medicaid and the tax payers, is vital for cancer screening, but mammograms are extra. Her own party’s administration has cut the mammogram recommendation to every other year.

Pharmer thinks it’s stupid to do an abortion without knowing if the pregnancy is ectopic or not. Men wouldn’t tolerate such unguided surgical intervention as Deb Butler approves as the standard for women.

Pharmer thinks Deb Butler is every bit the fraud that Planned Parenthood is. Her ad is below.

Calvin Hunter is STEAMED, & has Left the Democrat Party

Why this Afro American small businessman and life-long Democrat will never vote Democrat again-Canada Free Press. <-click it! The Dems are holding their convention in N. Carolina, but the DNC is withholding business from non-union small businesses. Calvin Hunter, a self made success, is living the classic American Dream. But he's been edged out of commerce with the DNC because he has no union workers in his businesses, the chief of which is to privide Audio Visual Techs and Stagehands to Production Companies. He would have been a busy man with all the events planned for this month, but the Dems want only Union help. Mr. Hunter, like so many Black Americans, was pretty excited by the idea of Obama being president in 2008. After experiencing the leftie war on small business, he is DONE with Democrats, and is campaigning actively against Obama.

Click at the top and read Calvin Hunter’s own words.

Teen’s Video Banned on Youtube

Sixteen-year-old Madeleine McAulay, of North Carolina produced a video of her opinion on the definition of marriage. She thinks it should remain between one man and one women. Youtube found this video to be not in keeping with their policies. is promulgating the video in order to counteract the censorship.

McAulay has a Bible based view, which will not please the anti-religion crowd.

Most are confused about the reasons for a social (governmental) recognition of marriage. It is not for the couple getting married. It is an institution to protect the process of producing and bringing up children. They do better in homes which have a father and a mother, and so this situation has been endorsed by society for many thousands of years. Gay unions do not result in the production of children. That kind of social, governmental protection is therefore not necessary.

Prison Life Might Have Prepared Inmate for This

North Carolina cops are convinced that 22 year old fugitive  Michael Leon Ward might have smuggled a 38 caliber  revolver into his prison cell.   He was thoroughly strip searched, however,  at the time of admission to the county jail, leaving them with one theory concerning the transport. 

That haunting Eddy Murphy song comes to mind.   Yes…… the police  think he was packing heat  rectally.   The 10 inch revolver was found in the toilet of the inmate’s cell.

It was test fired by some lucky official, and found to be operational.

Mr. Ward is said to have been taken to the hospital for injuries to his internal gun holster.