Calvin Hunter is STEAMED, & has Left the Democrat Party

Why this Afro American small businessman and life-long Democrat will never vote Democrat again-Canada Free Press. <-click it! The Dems are holding their convention in N. Carolina, but the DNC is withholding business from non-union small businesses. Calvin Hunter, a self made success, is living the classic American Dream. But he's been edged out of commerce with the DNC because he has no union workers in his businesses, the chief of which is to privide Audio Visual Techs and Stagehands to Production Companies. He would have been a busy man with all the events planned for this month, but the Dems want only Union help. Mr. Hunter, like so many Black Americans, was pretty excited by the idea of Obama being president in 2008. After experiencing the leftie war on small business, he is DONE with Democrats, and is campaigning actively against Obama.

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