James O’Keefe Has Done It Again, this time to NPR

National Public Radio is undergoing some upheaval as senior executive Ron Schiller and Director of Institutional Giving, Betsy Liley have been featured in a video, lunching with two undercover members of the Veritas Project.
Posing as members of MEAC, a fake Muslim group funding education, (complete with phony website) two Veritas ‘agents’ proffer funding to NPR, and obtain all sorts of fun statements from the two NPR execs that would never have been offered up to the public under normal circumstances. The video ends with a “to be continued…..” so keep your eyes open for more.

Schiller, who is said to have already announced plans to leave NPR by May, has been instructed to leave earlier than originally intended by CEO Vivian Schiller (not a relative).

As Funding Cuts are being debated in Congress, NPR has quickly accumulated major Egg on its Face.

Fun at Breitbart.com– James O’Keefe does the Census, and Zonation brings you: “Victicrat”

Andrew Breitbart is amazed that George Stefanopoulos would even put the O’Keefe Census Sting up on ABC. Read his “Profile in Media Courage” and especially…. Click on the Video of the news segment..

Twin spin, double the fun.

Below —— check out VICTICRAT.

performed by Buddy Sostham
featuring Alfonzo Rachel
produced by Eric Elder
written and directed by Christian Hartsock
look for familiar faces…….. do you see James O’Keefe ?

James O’Keefe and the Telephone Men give Their Side of the Story

From statements to their lawyers, the account, linked below,  is compiled to reveal the planning and execution of the Louisiana phone caper in Mary Landrieu’s office.

As mentioned  earlier,  O’Keefe and compatriots were arrested and charged for dressing up as telephone repair men and interviewing the people in Mary Landrieu’s office.  Apparently, from previous accounts, one of them also touched a phone!!!

This was a MAJOR BUST by the federal marshals and FBI!

Love that Internet!

If there had been an internet back in the 30s and 40s Hitler would have crashed and burned long before millions were killed.

A decade and a half ago, without much knowledge at all, Pharmer started plugging a health care ethics  issue online, on other people’s message boards, until it became news internationally.  This Process took about two and a half years.

Now what happens on the  internet itself is the news, the real news media exists there, and any politician or media mogul can be heard passing gas on the other side of the world in seconds or hours.

Before most people knew how cool O’Keefe is (04-03-2008 to be exact),  Pharmer  linked and blogged his Planned Parenthood videos–  because he stung them for accepting donations earmarked to abort Black babies.

Down on the Pharm, We knew O’Keefe’s compatriots were NOT bugging Landrieu’s phones when that bogus conjecture came out.

Way to go, Andrew Breitbart.  It was so much fun to watch that liar Blumenthal get spanked.

James O’Keefe Arrested in Louisiana

A very thin story describes O’Keefe and three other men involved in a caper at the office of Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. O’Keefe is said to have been recording the activities of two others dressed as telephone repairmen as they handled a phone in the office and asked for access to controls in a telephone closet. Little else is known about what actually transpired.

The primary result so far is that OKeefe has gotten mainstream media exposure for his work in bringing the malfeasance of ACORN to light. This coverage will continue as the Louisiana legal system proceeds with the investigations and trial.
It appears that America will not be able to forget those films by O’Keefe and Giles, showing ACORN employees directing them how to run child prostitution businesses in several different cities.

Some curious information about Sen Landrieu might also come to light during legal proceedings should the Senator not ask for the charges to be dropped.

Others arrested in conjunction with this activity are Robert Flanagan and Joseph Basel, (the two ‘telephone repairmen’) and Stan Dai, who was said to be involved in planning.

Robert Flanagan is the son of son of acting U.S. Attorney Bill Flanagan.