Love that Internet!

If there had been an internet back in the 30s and 40s Hitler would have crashed and burned long before millions were killed.

A decade and a half ago, without much knowledge at all, Pharmer started plugging a health care ethics  issue online, on other people’s message boards, until it became news internationally.  This Process took about two and a half years.

Now what happens on the  internet itself is the news, the real news media exists there, and any politician or media mogul can be heard passing gas on the other side of the world in seconds or hours.

Before most people knew how cool O’Keefe is (04-03-2008 to be exact),  Pharmer  linked and blogged his Planned Parenthood videos–  because he stung them for accepting donations earmarked to abort Black babies.

Down on the Pharm, We knew O’Keefe’s compatriots were NOT bugging Landrieu’s phones when that bogus conjecture came out.

Way to go, Andrew Breitbart.  It was so much fun to watch that liar Blumenthal get spanked.