Two for One Special at LeRoy Carhart’s Late Term Abortion Clinic

Woman Dies following Late-Term Abortion at Carhart Clinic | SBA-List.

LeRoy Carhart, now practicing in Germantown, MD,  has one more reason to retire, besides his horrible work and his age.   Both the 33 week baby, AND the mom, a patient from out of state,  died as the result of  a late term abortion procedure this week.   On Thursday the patient experienced chest pain and was unable to reach Carhartt.   Her family took her from her hotel to the emergency room,  where she finally died after massive internal bleeding, at 9:30  During the many attempts to revive and stabilize the patient, the hospital staff was unable to reach LeRoy Carhart to obtain information.   The above information comes from Operation Rescue, which gathers info on many such events in the course of their counseling and prayer work outside abortion clinics across the U.S.A.

A big game changer in the abortion industry is that the medical negligence and malpractice are no longer able to be swept under the rug as easily as in the past.  Operation Rescue has been busting the practitioners by publicizing their procedural failures. LeRoy Carhartt’s latest pair of victims has been identified  HERE.


LeRoy Carhart, Late Term Abortionist on Board of Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian Churches Tied to Late-Term Abortion Doc |

Susan Michelle Tyrrell has been outing Churches  affiliated with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, the pro-abortion group which lobbies for this as well as legitimization of gay marriages. In her latest article she reveals that late term abortionist LeRoy Carhart is on the board of directors of the RCRC. Carhart has been looking for a new place to land since Nebraska passed fetal pain legislation which prohibits abortion after 20 weeks. He’s been trying to open new clinics in states which allow his special killing skills.

You can click HERE to see pics of Leroy Carhart’s homey and inviting Nebraska abortion facility. You’ll be impressed.  Operation Rescue called it the “Dumpatorium”.  As an added treat, you’ll also see the Carharts at the 2007 party that Kathleen Sebelius threw for abortionist George Tiller.

Reading the  historical timeline of the RCRC might convince members of the Presbyterian, United Methodist, and Episcopal Churches that they ought to do something about their affiliation with this organization and with one of the most notorious late term abortionists, LeRoy Carhart.    Click HERE for a full list of the member churches.

Calling on the faithful to avoid funding the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice:

United Methodist Church pro-abortion ideology might have aborted Jesus | Bound4LIFE

Where are your kids going on school field trips? Check up!

Operation Rescue: Haskell Watch

Cincinnati Right to Life has reported to Operation Rescue that an ambulance has transported a patient from the Womans Med Center in Sharonville, Ohio during the morning of March 28,2012.

Dr Steven Brinn, a pediatrician in a neighboring office,  stated that the woman was being bagged (breathing assistance) and carried out on a stretcher by paramedics.

Haskell  lacks hospital privileges required for abortion practices by Ohio law.  He has a variance fpr the Sharonville clinic because two other physicians have agreed to cover his “accidents”.  One of them is William T Bowers III, who is under probation in Ohio, under criminal  investigation in Indiana, and who has lost his license to practice obstetrics in Kentucky.

Haskell operates an abortion clinic in Kettering, staffed by Roslyn Kade and Neil Strickland.  Three doctors who cover for their abortions at Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton OH,  are Lawrence Amesse, Sheela Barhan and Janice Duke.

Operation Rescue details the possible reasons why Haskell has obtained preferential treatment from politicians, and exemption from compliance with Ohio’s law requiring that abortionists have hospital admitting privileges.  Click HERE.

Haskell and former Sen John Glenn had a history of mutual assistance.  Glenn appointed Haskell’s supporting,  Federal District Court Judge, Algenon Marbley.  Haskell is vice president of Beta Theta Pi, a prestigious fraternity with such luminary members  as Sen. Richard Lugar, and former  Senators  Dick Gephart, Mark Hatfield, and Bob Packwood.

Pharmer would like to remind the public that many “accidents” at the abortion clinics, which do not occur while pro-life protesters are stationed outside, remain hidden.   Health care professionals and institutions fear reprisals if any patient identifying data  were to  be accidentally given if they were to reveal  abortion related injuries and deaths.

Bad Building Design at New St. Paul Planned Parenthood Mega-Mill

Pro life  Action Ministries shot this cell phone video at the new $16 million, three-story,46,000-square-foot Planned Parenthood facility in St. Paul, Minnesota. As you can see from the inefficient conveyance of this patient to a hospital, the building and signage  was not designed with the safety of patients in mind. It would appear from this video that patients who have been injured at the abortion clinic experience a BACK ALLEY exit.  More  commentary is at Operation Rescue.

Below is the satellite pic of this new facility under construction. It’s incorrectly identified as Lincoln Distributing LLC. Look at facade and count the windows. Yep.. it’s the same mega Planned Parenthood shown in the video. We did not get to see if the patient was wheeled out of the receiving bay (for delivery trucks).

Abortion Clinics Tour

Troy Newman and Mark Crutcher toured a Wichita abortion clinic which had been bought out by Operation Rescue. It closed at the time of the buyout, and the tour in this video occurred a couple weeks later, in August 2006. Though the clinic was certified as being compliant with National Abortion Federation standards in 2005, by 2006 it was in bad shape.

Hidden camera at an abortion clinic in Spain shown on Youtube
warning: induction abortions at the end.

In the UK the peak abortion season is about to start. Sunderland and South Tynside’s clinics are preparing for the rush in mid February that comes as a result of holiday “festivities”.

Punishing the Prosecutor for Bringing Charges Against Planned Parenthood

Pro-Kline report concealed for months |

This is a unique article found in a regular newspaper revealing that Phil Kline, the Kansas prosecutor who brought charges against planned parenthood is being punished by accusations of ethics violations, without probable cause.

The document showing the investigation of Kline, and the  finding no probable cause for  ethics  complaints was willfully kept hidden from Kline and the public.

The Ethics Disciplinary hearing will take place anyway, because it is very important to the Kansas State government to punish those who would dare to bring criminal charges against  its benefactors from the abortion industries.

See also at Jill Stanek’s blog,  the basis for charges that would have been brought against George Tiller, for not reporting the sexual abuse of minors who came to his clinic,  had he not been so well protected by Kathleen Sebelius, who is now head of Obama’s Health and Human Services Dept.   Much more is expected to be revealed at the Ethics trial of Phill Kline.

Keep watch of the colorful Kansas corruption, and finally the case against Planned Parenthood going forward  over at Operation Rescue’s site.