Two for One Special at LeRoy Carhart’s Late Term Abortion Clinic

Woman Dies following Late-Term Abortion at Carhart Clinic | SBA-List.

LeRoy Carhart, now practicing in Germantown, MD,  has one more reason to retire, besides his horrible work and his age.   Both the 33 week baby, AND the mom, a patient from out of state,  died as the result of  a late term abortion procedure this week.   On Thursday the patient experienced chest pain and was unable to reach Carhartt.   Her family took her from her hotel to the emergency room,  where she finally died after massive internal bleeding, at 9:30  During the many attempts to revive and stabilize the patient, the hospital staff was unable to reach LeRoy Carhart to obtain information.   The above information comes from Operation Rescue, which gathers info on many such events in the course of their counseling and prayer work outside abortion clinics across the U.S.A.

A big game changer in the abortion industry is that the medical negligence and malpractice are no longer able to be swept under the rug as easily as in the past.  Operation Rescue has been busting the practitioners by publicizing their procedural failures. LeRoy Carhartt’s latest pair of victims has been identified  HERE.