Pharmacy Owners Prevail in Court Decision on Blagojevich Edict

Illinois Pharmacy Owners have emerged victorious after six years of litigation against  the state of  Illinois edict compelling them to dispense the morning after pill.

This comes shortly after the approval of a new morning after pill, Ella, which is an analog of RU486, mifepristone.

Francis J Manion of the ACLJ, and Mark Rienzi, of Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law  teamed up as counsel to the pharmacy owners.

Deposed Governor Blagojevich’s original order addressing individual pharmacists had previously been overturned.

Judge Belz  noted that the government had made no effort to advance it’s supposed interest in supplying morning after pills to women prior to April 2010, and had specifically targeted pharmacists of conscience and their religious beliefs.

Pharmacists for Life International has stored the original letter from Blagojevich which threatened pharmacists  with loss of their license to practice if they did not dispense the morning after pill and all other  hormonal birth control products and contraceptives upon demand.

The coverage in the Chicago Tribune is very brief, does not mention the newest morning after pill, and does not mention that the original order to the pharmacists was for them to dispense all drugs labeled as “contraceptives” though most are misbranded.  It does mention an expected  (hoped for) appeal to the case.


Christine Gregoire Backing Down from Abortion Extremism in Preparation for move to Washington DC

Washington state lawyers acknowledge pharmacies’ right to not stock Plan B :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

Kevin Storman owned a number of Thriftway stores in the Olympia area of Washington State.   He decided to back his pharmacists decision (at Ralph’s Thriftway) to avoid stocking and dispensing the Plan B morning after pill.

This sent governor Christine Gregoire into a foaming frenzy of involving herself in a boycott of the stores, and threatening to fire members of the Washington Board of Pharmacy if they backed the freedom of pharmacists to conscientiously object to dispensing this abortive drug.

In 2009, a federal judge decided in favor of the store owners and pharmacists but that ruling was struck down on appeal and the case was remanded back to the district court.

Recently a request for summary judgment, from the Governor, was turned down, and trial was scheduled to resume in Federal District  Court in Tacoma, Washington.

This past Wednesday,  July 7, the Board’s lawyers signaled that there would be regulations enacted to protect pharmacists who would not dispense this drug, providing that they would refer the patient elsewhere.

Curiosity has arisen as to the reason behind  a Gregoire Administration reversal of policy regarding the pharmacists.

Gregoire, being crazy-pro-abortion enough,  was on the Obama Short List for Souter’s position on the U.S. Supreme court, but this position eventually went to Sotomayor.

Elena Kagan is the likely leftist body to fill the open position on the Supreme Court left by liberal Justice John  Stevens.   Gregoire is on the list to possibly occupy the solicitor general vacancy left by Kagan should she be confirmed.

Perhaps the prospect of moving to Washington DC has left Gregoire less interested in the local issues of  Washington State.

From the Becket Fund:

Woman uses Morning After Pill to kill Embryonic Humans after Fertility Clinic Mixup

Woman uses emergency contraceptive to kill wrongly implanted babies by Jill Stanek.

For those of you who are confused about the mechanism of  the morning after pill,  this drug was used to kill embryos which were mistakenly placed into the wrong woman. Obviously it was the wrong woman…….. since she decided to kill them.

The error at a University of Connecticut fertility clinic, in which embryos belonging to one woman were placed in the wrong patient,  was discovered within an hour, and the  patient  decided to take the morning after pill to stop the pregnancy.

Read the original NBC story on this 2009 error, apparently “erased” by the only morning after pill on the market at that time:  Plan B.

Next time you are told the  lie, that the morning after pill works only  by stopping/delaying  ovulation,  please remember that NBC informed you otherwise.    OOPS!!!

US military bases are set to become abortion mills

if Obama has his way.

EDITORIAL: Abortion on base – Washington Times.

Democrat senator Roland Burris, of Chicago, ever interested in expanding abortion availability,  has seen that this provision was added  to the 2011 Defense Authorization Act, and it was passed out of committee in May.

Already the chemically abortive morning after pills have been placed on the obligatory formulary of the military pharmacies.