Woman uses Morning After Pill to kill Embryonic Humans after Fertility Clinic Mixup

Woman uses emergency contraceptive to kill wrongly implanted babies by Jill Stanek.

For those of you who are confused about the mechanism of  the morning after pill,  this drug was used to kill embryos which were mistakenly placed into the wrong woman. Obviously it was the wrong woman…….. since she decided to kill them.

The error at a University of Connecticut fertility clinic, in which embryos belonging to one woman were placed in the wrong patient,  was discovered within an hour, and the  patient  decided to take the morning after pill to stop the pregnancy.

Read the original NBC story on this 2009 error, apparently “erased” by the only morning after pill on the market at that time:  Plan B.

Next time you are told the  lie, that the morning after pill works only  by stopping/delaying  ovulation,  please remember that NBC informed you otherwise.    OOPS!!!