Rationing Begins: States Limiting Drug Prescriptions for Medicaid Patients | CNSNews.com

Rationing Begins: States Limiting Drug Prescriptions for Medicaid Patients | CNSNews.com.

There are limits to the “free” Obamacare.
Increased numbers of patients will be moving to government plans as employers drop coverage, and as the income cap for participation in Medicaid is increased.
These patients will be rudely awakened to news that many of their medications will not be covered. Some states are limiting coverage of brand name drugs, and others are limiting the number of prescription drugs covered.

Infanticide is All the Rage!

Australia Awards Infanticide Guru Highest Civic Award – By Wesley J. Smith – The Corner – National Review Online.

Australia’s highest Civic Honor was awarded to Princeton’s  Peter Singer, who is now “Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia for his amazing contributions to philosophy and bio-ethical thought.

Pharmer Hurls!

It appears that among the intelligentsia of Australia, infanticide, health care rationing, culling the human herd, not to mention bestiality, have become highly fashionable.

One more westernized nation flushes itself down the toilet.

Dr. Elaina George Points at IPAB, the Death Panel

» The Administration’s Answer To High Healthcare Costs is…. Rationing – Big Government.

The unelected 15 member Death Panel, known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board, is created to ration Obamacare.

Sick people won’t have the energy to fight through the roadblocks that this group will put in the way of obtaining health care, and will obligingly Die, for lack of access to the promised  “free” services.

Dr. Elaina George recognizes both the death panel, and the cronyism that drives Obamacare in her article, linked above.

Senate Democrats Give up Confirmation of Two Legged Death Panel, Donald Berwick

Senate Democrats Abandon Obama Rationing Czar Donald Berwick | LifeNews.com.

The Senate Dems have dispaired of overcoming the filibuster promised by Republicans to overcome confirmation of Obama Nominee Donald Berwick  as Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare administrator.

Berwick has been an avid proponent of UK style socialized medicine and rationing, though he pretended to back away from this during the process of his nomination.

Obama had used a recess appointment to overcome Republican opposition to his nomination, but without senate confirmation the temporary  appointment is over by the end of the year.


What Does the AP Think Will Happen Under Obamacare?

2nd person denied Ariz. transplant coverage dies – Yahoo! News.

Are these AP reporters  too stupid to connect the dots?

Government funded health care will run out of money and this will happen to everyone, including those who could have afforded their own care if it were still available.  Obamacare is structured to kill private insurance companies, leaving the government care as the only option.

Incidentally,  the first listed death, mentioned in the above article,  is not connected to the shortfall of Arizona coverage. The  prospective  bone marrow transplant  was privately funded.

Remember Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s brother, who is health policy adviser at the Office of Management nd Budget?  He has the “Complete Lives System” in store for us.  Not only will budget concerns limit care, but also the expression of ideology which offends the regime, as already occurs in the UK.

Dr. Betsy McCaughey, one of the few who actually  read the Obamacare bills, reminds us of what is in store for all of US.

Keep your eye on the ball, and continue to prod the 112th Congress to financially  dismantle Obamacare, while at the same time attempting to repeal it.

Ezekiel Emanuel Takes Aim at Phat People

Get ready for a denial of health care if you’re fat, because………. face it, you’re BAD FOR THE ECONOMY.   Hey, this isn’t coming from me, it’s coming from that Freakish  brother of Rahm Emanuel.

White House Adviser Rahm’s Older Brother: ‘Heavier People’ Bad for Economy.

Remember this is the guy who already has designs for selective distribution of the medical resources which will necessarily become rare under Obamacare.

Now, if you happen to be extra large, and considered a drain on the economy by this Ezekiel Emanuel, where in line do you think you’ll be standing for the allocation of rare health care  resources??

Rahm Apology Misses the Mark

Rahm Emmanuel is falling all over himself  apologizing for calling certain liberals Retarded.

The politically correct posturing misses the mark as it always does, and deflects our attention away from the  leftist   Emanuel brothers programs for KILLING the disabled.

If you recall,  the Obama administration contains two crazy Emanuel brothers, Rahm and Ezekiel.   Ezekiel is the Rationer of Health Care Resources, who would exclude the disabled from the government’s favored list of beneficiaries.  From deep within the memory division of the Pharm comes his  article in Lancet, and this video, so that we don’t forget the true attitude of these  leftists towards those with disabilities.

The Politico is following Rahm’s diversionary tactics, but down on the Pharm, we keep our eye on the ball.

Rather than pandering to people with political correctness of language, we should  stop insulting people with slow mental processing ability by using the word ‘retarded’ to describe liberals.   Retardation is slowness, and does not imply the bad judgment, immorality, lack of ethics which plague our lefties.

We should also demand that the leftists stop their programs of  killing people with disabilities prior to birth, excluding those who survive this culling from health care access, and euthanizing them.

In this blog is a treasure trove of links to the leftists own words regarding their intentions for our health care system.  Searching obamacare will dredge up quite a bit.  One example quotes Palin on DEATH PANELS, with numerous corroborating references appended.