What Does the AP Think Will Happen Under Obamacare?

2nd person denied Ariz. transplant coverage dies – Yahoo! News.

Are these AP reporters  too stupid to connect the dots?

Government funded health care will run out of money and this will happen to everyone, including those who could have afforded their own care if it were still available.  Obamacare is structured to kill private insurance companies, leaving the government care as the only option.

Incidentally,  the first listed death, mentioned in the above article,  is not connected to the shortfall of Arizona coverage. The  prospective  bone marrow transplant  was privately funded.

Remember Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s brother, who is health policy adviser at the Office of Management nd Budget?  He has the “Complete Lives System” in store for us.  Not only will budget concerns limit care, but also the expression of ideology which offends the regime, as already occurs in the UK.

Dr. Betsy McCaughey, one of the few who actually  read the Obamacare bills, reminds us of what is in store for all of US.

Keep your eye on the ball, and continue to prod the 112th Congress to financially  dismantle Obamacare, while at the same time attempting to repeal it.