Dial 911, for another Waaaaaaaaaaaambulance call for Steve Driehaus, Abortion Supporting Dem

When FORMER Ohio Rep. Steve Driehaus lost his 2010 bid against Republican Steve Chabot, he threw a temper tantrum directed at the Susan B. Anthony list.  The latter pro-life group had put up billboards citing Driehaus for his abortion support, because he voted in favor of Obamacare.  At first Driehaus pursued a criminal charges against Marjorie Dannefelser, of the SBA list, with the Ohio Elections board.  That effort was abandoned for an attempt to turn his loss in to money with a civil defamation suit, claiming that the SBA list cost him his job.

This suit was allowed to proceed, but eventually was decided against sore loser, Driehaus, by Judge Timothy Black.   This Obama appointed Judge, a former director of planned parenthood, initially  supported Driehaus’s legal pursuits, but eventually tipped in favor of the SBA List.  Possible inducements for this decision probably included the ACLU’s  backing of  the SBA List, (and their own interests) as well as the recent Supreme Court decision of the Alvarez vs U.S. (Stolen Valor) case.


Peace, turkey pardoned by President Obama last Thanksgiving, euthanized

The CNN reporter, Mike Ahlers, appears to be suspicious about the death of last year’s pardoned turkey, right before Thanksgiving. He might be thinking that the pardon was rescinded, but your friendly Pharmer has another take.
The government line is that the two turkeys pardoned last year, by Obama lived out their natural lives at the Mt Vernon estate formerly occupied by George Washington. Apparently the turkey, named Peace became ill, and received OBAMACARE. Euthanasia! How fitting.

Peace is Dead…..kind of like the Middle East these days, where World War III is busting out.

AARP Divorces Obama!

AARP has apparently paid a huge price for supporting Obamacare. Sooooo huge that they don’t want to be associated with him anymore. They told Obama, after the Weds night debate, not to mention them anymore, and that they have become a non-partisan organization.

AARP has bled membership over the Obamacare issue, and asking Obama not to invoke their name to defend his policies is their way of dealing with it. It’s been estimated that AARP stood to gain millions from Obamacare implementation in 2014 alone, but this show of ingratitude to the president is evidence that such an estimate is no longer realistic.

AARP to Obama: Don’t mention us again | WashingtonExaminer.com.

Democrat National Convention: Womanhood is a Disease

You can listen to Kathleen Sebelius lie about  Obamacare, and resell to the dems, something that the majority of Americans do not want.

The most important thing to take away from her speech is the view that WOMANHOOD is a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION.  A pre-existing condition is the insurance term for a DISEASE,  already present, which would not be covered under a new health insurance contract until a grace period had passed. HIPAA  regulations had pretty much removed contractual barrier to health care coverage.

The dem’s plan is focused on treating the biological characteristics of a woman as a disease.    The dems see childbearing as a thing which must be controlled and suppressed with drugs and sterilization for the purpose of cost containment.

See a clip of Sebelius’s speech at the DNC below.   Read the transcript of the speech HERE. 


Says Sebelius:  “Being a mother is no longer a liability, and being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition! That’s what change looks like.”

Unmentioned is that the necessary cost containment which comes with treating womanhood as a disease, is that the government will have control over the expression of said characteristic.

As in China, there will be the need,  for top down administration of your reproductive life.  If the government pays for it, the government will dicatate it, just as it does with everything else it controls.

Obama is rapidly shedding female votes, as more and more of them ponder the prospect of Chinese-style health care for women.  His loss of support in recent polling is almost totally accounted for by the women who are changing their minds.

Don’t for get that Sebelius views woman-hood as a pre-existing condition, which the government must manage.

Freedom isn’t free.  If  reproductive autonomy is worth the price of heath care to you,  Obama is not your man.


Mitt Romney Makes Nice with TeaParty by Picking Paul Ryan as as VP

Watch Congressman Paul Ryan rip up the Obamacare Budget and point out that millions of seniors LOSE MEDICARE as a result of Obamacare funding, as well as the double accounting that causes this problem. It’s why Obama can’t stand him, and a reason why the Tea Party thinks he’s OK. Romney likely has chosen Ryan for the purpose of attracting Tea Party support in the general election.

Rationing Begins: States Limiting Drug Prescriptions for Medicaid Patients | CNSNews.com

Rationing Begins: States Limiting Drug Prescriptions for Medicaid Patients | CNSNews.com.

There are limits to the “free” Obamacare.
Increased numbers of patients will be moving to government plans as employers drop coverage, and as the income cap for participation in Medicaid is increased.
These patients will be rudely awakened to news that many of their medications will not be covered. Some states are limiting coverage of brand name drugs, and others are limiting the number of prescription drugs covered.

Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation Survey: Docs despondent over Obamacare

DPMA_SurveyResults.pdf (application/pdf Object).

The above linked survey is from May of 2012.  It shows 83 percent of survey respondents thinking about quitting due to Obamacare.  It also shows the highest ever numbers of docs opting out of Medicare and Medicaid.

Most significantly, 61 percent of docs are already finding it harder to adhere to the Hippocratic ethic of medicine.  (Bear in mind that some specialties would not run into as much conflict with this due to the nature of their practice.)

Results are from  a faxed survey of random doctors with a total of 699 respondents.

Supreme Court Says OBAMA LIED

See the video and transcript linked below, in which Obama explains that his promise not to tax the middle class is good, because the mandated purchase of healthcare insurance (soon to be from the government only) is not a tax.

Obama: Mandate is Not a Tax – ABC News.

But today, THE SUPREME COURT DIFFERS, and has upheld obamacare with the argument (from Obama’s lawyers) that the mandated health care purchase IS a tax.

So, Middle Class, Obama is taxing the crap out of you, even though he promised not to, and the Supreme Court says he’s allowed to.

Hospital and healthcare stocks went up (for the reason that people don’t understand what Obamacare will eventually do to these entities). Insurance stocks fell, because most investors know that Obamacare is designed to kill them.

Pharmer believes that Republican and Tea Party chances in November have increased due to this decision.

Justice John Roberts move to the left is not really a move, in the eyes of those who have been watching him. Pharmer remembers the left leaning David Souter, who had been expected to be more conservative when he was nominated. We have something similar in Roberts, and can expect further difficulties on account of him.

The reason SCOTUS gives for accepting Obamacare, that Congress is allowed to tax us to death, can become the reason for rejecting most of the incumbents of Congress. It’s time to clean house.

If you’re wanting to torture yourself with the details, Here are the opinions of the Supreme Court on Obamacare.


See the very classy Tweets from top DNC staffers, celebrating their short lived victory.

One might say that the media was not expecting the Supreme Court to approve Obama’s NEW TAX on the middle class. See the Gaffes HERE!

Over the preceding months Congress has been amassing a good deal of testimony from various members of the Obama administration concerning the nature of the mandate to purchase health insurance. Even during the time that the Obama lawyers argued in favor of the new tax before the Supreme Court, they were telling us that it was not a tax. Sebelius had the most amusing story… it operates as a tax but it is not a tax.

Not to worry, it will feel like a tax, because you will get little to no return on your “investment”.

U.S. Army Issues Gag Order to Catholic Chaplains

U.S. Army Silences Catholic Chaplains From Speaking out Against Obama Admin Ruling | TheBlaze.com.

Some of the Chaplains read  Catholic Archbishop Timothy Broglio’s  letter objecting to Obama’s insistence that religious institutions pay for birth control ( hormones, abortifacients and sterilizations, etc. ) for their employees, despite a  GAG ORDER  from the Army Office of the Chief of Chaplains.

These chaplains  were invited to contact the military archdiocesan attorney to obtain free assistance from  public interest law firms which would defend their religious freedom and first amendment rights.

Prayers for the success of the military chaplains who  took the initiative to defy the Army’s unconstitutional gag order.

*Pharmer will see if the letter will be read at her parish this Sunday.