Unsigned NYT Editorial Wanders from Birth Control to Sonograms

Birth Control and Reproductive Rights – NYTimes.com.

Some anonymous leftie at the New York Times praises Obama’s decision to trample on the human rights of religiously affiliated health care employers.   The article wanders from this to weeping about those who oppose being made to pay for the recreational drugs and abortions desired by others.

Yes, birth control pills, when used for that purpose are recreational drugs,  and almost all abortions are recreational procedures.   They are optional, and support the  pursuit of  sex  as a mini-vacation, purely for the fun of it.

This short editorial covers a lot of territory, moving next to  the  Texas rule  mandating sonograms before abortions  (allowing detection of ectopic pregnancies, and permitting more safety for the woman.)  This regulation  does not mandate that a woman be shown her sonogram, but does require  that  basic information be offered to her  in order to support  informed consent for the abortion procedure.

It is vastly amusing to see a leftist decrying “intrusion into the doctor patient relationship”.  Medicare, medicaid and thousands of health care regulations are all about government standing between the patient and the physician.  The vast majority of this intrusion has been at the behest of the leftists.   One measure to provide for patient safety and informed consent  with respect to abortion causes these same people to go ballistic.

Indiana State Legislation Aims to Protect Conscientious Heath Care Workers

Introduced Version, House Bill 1228.

Click above to read House Bill 1228 in its entirety. This constitutes an effort to protect the health care workers who wish not to participate in abortion.

All citizens should be interested in this bill because it also protects the CHOICE of a woman to not get an abortion.

Once Obama-care sets in, there will be considerable coercive forces for a woman to abort in the case of untoward fetal diagnosis and various other economic reasons.

Freedom of choice for health care professionals is a line of protection for the freedom of choice by patients.

Even people who wish for abortion to be available, but not COERCED should be supporting the right of health care professionals to opt out.

Catholic college sues Obama administration over abortifacient contraceptive mandate | LifeSiteNews.com

Catholic college sues Obama administration over abortifacient contraceptive mandate | LifeSiteNews.com.

Belmont  Abbey College, represented by the Becket Fund,  is suing the Obama Administration over its mandate forcing  religious institutions to cover abortifacient forms of birth control.  The two most obvious mentioned in the above article are Ella and Plan B One-Step, but the actual list would properly  include all hormonal forms of birth control on the market.

The supposed religious exemption written in the Obamacare legislation is regarded as too narrow to include Belmont Abbey College, and it will need to choose between contraceptive coverage or offering any health care coverage at all.


‘Darn Tooting!’ Obama Brags About HHS Reg Catholic Bishops Call Attack on Liberty | CNSnews.com

‘Darn Tooting!’ Obama Brags About HHS Reg Catholic Bishops Call Attack on Liberty | CNSnews.com.

Obama discussed his health care debacle with his fundraiser audience in St. Louis, creating a permanent record of deception regarding health insurance.

Insurance companies have highlighted coverage of mammograms for years, but in his comments, Obama pretended that his plan would put coverage where there had been none.   Quite the opposite.  With his administration came  a sudden reversal of  medical opinion: USPSTF says women do not need annual mammograms anymore.

Most (socialized) countries no longer offer annual mammograms for women  because their health programs cannot afford it.

“Insurance companies can no longer discriminate against women just because you guys give birth”.  (A little sex confusion from Obama  the orator.)

What Obama was really discussing is the birth control and abortion coverage.   The insurance companies are being forced to cover birth control (including the  forms with abortive mechanism).   Surgical abortion coverage is also in the pipeline despite many denials to the contrary.

To bridge the abortion gap, the FDA approved Ella in Aug 2010.  Ulipristal acetate is an analog of mifepristone, RU-486, now marketed as a morning after pill.  Doses can be accumulated to provide for abortions at home, many of which will be completed at hospitals out of necessity.

In this way, the Obama administration has co opted the cooperation of every hospital in the practice of abortion.

After years of ignoring these warnings about the government coercing participation in abortion,  the US Catholic Bishops have been awakened to deal with the problem.

On their website is a request for people to urge their congressional representatives to  legislate a reversal of this aspect of Obamacare.

The bishops face an uphill battle after the issue of abortion and birth control has been downplayed for so many years. Use of hormonal birth control is rampant among Catholics who were raised in a vacuum of information concerning Catholic teaching on the matter, as well as the means by which the drugs operate. The Bishops are now trying to persuade people who use the pill to tell the government not to have it covered in the health care plan.

USCCB- Too Little, Too Late?

Catholic Bishops Start Religious Liberty Cmte Over Obamacare | LifeNews.com.

At Pharmer’s parish, the Pro Life Month of October was kicked off   with  another flogging with the “Seamless Garment”.  Yep, this isn’t the first time.

The seamless garment concept used by Archbishop Joseph  Bernardin  has since been abused to make it OK for Catholics to vote for pro-abortion politicians as long as they offered enough governmental goodies for the poor, etc.

After decades of “war on poverty”, we have more poor than ever, and destruction of the family unit, particularly in the segments of the population most “helped” by the government.

In 2004, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, (now Pope Benedict XVI) issued a memorandum to the U.S. Bishops,  which as been said to shred the seamless garment concept, by categorizing  abortion as a most serious means of exiting communion with the Catholic Church.

The looming spectre of Obamacare, with its obligate funding of abortion using  the resources of tax payers, with its pro-abortion insurance mandates, and recission of conscience protections for health care professionals, has spurred the USCCB into action.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is going to form an Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty.

New bill could prevent pharmacists from denying contraception prescriptions to customers – NorthJersey.com

New bill could prevent pharmacists from denying contraception prescriptions to customers – NorthJersey.com

Two legislators, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y are pushing a bill to deny pharmacists the right of conscience with respect to dispensing hormonal birth control.

Scroll one article down to see what Pharmer had to say about Sebelius pretending that the rights of conscientious objectors would be respected in the Obama birth control plan.


End of Obamacare waivers announced late Friday

Obamacare waivers get axe in last-minute Friday night news dump – Patriot Update.

There are about 1400 total waivers granted from Obamacare so far.   Late Friday there was a decision to halt any more waivers  to industries, which would be damaged by the new health care regulations, as of Sept. 22 this year.
There has been difficulty for the administration in justifying its choices of which businesses are worthy of preserving until 2012 by granting  waivers from the onerous cost of Obamacare regulations.

Obama’s IPAB Death Panel – Even Some Democrats Are Opposing it

It’s THAT bad!   Congress sees it as an unconstitutional removal of their authority over spending, by unelected officials.

Death Panels Crop Up Again as Obama Mentions IPAB in Medicare | LifeNews.com.

Another  mechanism by which Obamacare will gut the care of the elderly, in his deficit reduction plan,  is to further cut medicare and medicaid reimbursement so that health care providers are not able to stay in business while serving that patient base, in compliance with government regulations.   This leaves those individuals without the promised “free”  Obamacare,  which has been  the intention all along.

FDA Attempts to Patch K-V Pharmaceuticals Progesterone Mess

FDA Allows Cheaper Version of Preterm Labor Drug To Stay on the Market – Health Blog – WSJ.

A short time ago, there was an uproar because the FDA had given approval to KV pharmaceuticals to be the sole producer of 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate, (Formerly named Gestiva)  a drug used to sustain pregnancies in women who produced insufficient amounts of progesterone.

Pharmacies had been preparing these doses and supplying them at about 10 or 20 bucks apiece.

KV had sent a letter to the pharmacies announcing that compounding the doses would no longer be allowed, and that their drug, Makena, at $1500 dollars per dose would be the only drug available. It is extremely important to know that  K-V has no research and development costs to recoup with the introduction of their commercial form of a drug which had been studied and used for years. In fact, fast approval of Makena was based upon a 2003 study funded by the NIH.

This drug is injected weekly to sustain a pregnancy, so you can imagine the cost to the affected mothers. Suddenly the cost of preventing premature babies in the US would be jacked up to multiple billions of dollars.

Of course Obamacare would have the death panels to halt that source of excessive cost.  K-V would need to recoup its investment very quickly.

The new drug by KV pharmaceuticals was named Makena.  The sound of this name set off bells in the mind of yours truly, wondering who paid off Obama to get this windfall of profit due to exclusivity granted by the government for K-V Pharmaceutical Co.   You betcha…. Makena is a Hawaiian boy’s name (but can be given to girls).  The meaning is ABUNDANCE, as in windfall profits for K-V. There HAS to be a political connection larger than the individual political contributions from K-V employees. ……. and it will be unearthed.  Watch closely because some articles are already being scrubbed from the internet.  Two dead ends so far.

Fortunately, this obvious and unconscionable scam and, granting of monopoly status, (similar to the quinine sulfate scam) met with immediate protest.

The FDA now says that the letter from K-V pharmaceuticals was in error, and that pharmacies will not be forbidden to compound doses of 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone for individual patients.

More delectable goodies follow:

Adeza is the company which first submitted Gestiva to the FDA for approval in 2006, based on a study paid for by the NIH.  It obtained orphan drug status in Jan, 2007

Adeza merged with Cyctec, and Cyctec merged with Hologic.  And here’s a whole Makena timeline! The blogger estimates that K-V would recoup its entire investment in purchasing the rights of the drug in two short months, at the initially planned, astronomical price.

Hologic  Inc. sold the total rights to its product, Gestiva, 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate to K-V Pharmaceuticals in 2008.

K-V Pharmaceuticals was perhaps needing a boost from the government (granting it a monopoly)  because it’s subsidiary, Ethex had been required to recall  incorrectly made pain killers containing excess amounts of active ingredient. More K-V disasters resulted from selling unapproved drugs,  and from dismissal of a vp of corporate strategy and operations.  This company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

K-V’s windfall profits  could be   targeted by lawsuits concerning still births attributed to 17-hydroxy-progesterone, as well as increased incidence of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.

March of Dimes bears responsibility for helping to initiate this debacle, and has been burned by the result.  Here’s the result of their  collusion with MOD DONOR K-V Pharmaceuticals.