AARP Divorces Obama!

AARP has apparently paid a huge price for supporting Obamacare. Sooooo huge that they don’t want to be associated with him anymore. They told Obama, after the Weds night debate, not to mention them anymore, and that they have become a non-partisan organization.

AARP has bled membership over the Obamacare issue, and asking Obama not to invoke their name to defend his policies is their way of dealing with it. It’s been estimated that AARP stood to gain millions from Obamacare implementation in 2014 alone, but this show of ingratitude to the president is evidence that such an estimate is no longer realistic.

AARP to Obama: Don’t mention us again |

One thought on “AARP Divorces Obama!

  1. They should have been a bit more informed as to who they were endorsing. They sure lost my business and that of some of my friends and family.

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