Morocco Recognizes a Real War on Women

Morocco denies entry to Dutch abortion ship | Reuters.

Not to suggest that women are living under ideal conditions in Morocco, but that country has correctly identified a new War on Women, and have made a pre-emptive strike against it.

Warships are blocking the entry of the Dutch Abortion Ship into a harbor at Smir, in Northern Morocco.

The abortion ship wants to spread the chemical abortion message to Morocco. This involves the use of misoprostil to induce labor and expel a developing embryo or fetus. The use of this drug is fraught with hazard as the dosing is difficult and depends on the stage of gestation. The dose given early in gestation could be extremely hazardous given late term, when the uterus is so much more sensitive to its effects.

Abortion only adds to the hardships of women, along with the death that it brings to their babies. Why is it that Muslim nations are more able to see this than Christian nations?