Buzzfeed Puts Out Flea Market Abortion Commercial in Response to new Texas Regulations

Hans Johnson at Jill Stanek’s blog points out a Buzz feed news spot touting an “emerging” abortion pill market, now that Texas has passed late term abortion restrictions and modern medical standards regulating abortion clinics as outpatient surgical facilities.   The Buzz feeders are crying that abortion clinics will have to close, because they could never be expected to treat women as well as men are treated, during outpatient surgery by real physicians.   The Buzzfeed news spot is really a COMMERCIAL advertising the availability of diverted abortion pills, misoprostil (cytotec), on the black market.  Their suggestion that this market is emerging is an outright lie.   Misoprostil has been touted as an abortion pill on “women’s health” websites in multiple languages, around the world for a very long time.

buzzfeed news advertises misoprostil abortions

Hospitals have been completing home induced abortions for centuries.  Legalized abortion did not stop this.  The fact that Buzzfeed has just put out a commercial for flea market abortion in response to the new law in Texas might alter your opinion of them as a news source.
When your friendly pharmer practiced in retail  (ambulatory care setting)  prescriptions for misoprostil (Cytotec) without the non-steroidal drug with which it was supposed to be used were rejected.  The drug was contraindicated for use in pregnant women.  Such prescriptions for misoprostil alone were generally not legimate, and were for the purpose of home abortions.
Chemical abortions have been a major method touted in countries where abortion is considered morally wrong. Women are sold this drug to “start the menses” particularly in South American countries and the Philippines. It makes the abortion seem less wrong. Thanks to Hans Johnson for highlighting that significant marketing point in his article.

The extremely unsafe aspect of home abortions with misoprostil  is that the uterus has variable sensitivity to the drug depending on the time of gestation.   Later inductions with misoprostil are done with VERY TINY doses of  the drug are used, to avoid uterine rupture.   As many of us have heard before, Planned Parenthood uses the huge doses (like those required to stop bleeding) to expel an embryo or fetus early in pregnancy, with their mifepristone regimen.  Women are instructed to use an initial huge dose of Cytotec, and then keep taking the pills periodically until “something happens”.….. either abortion or uterine rupture.

If you see an uptick of deaths due to uterine rupture in the U.S., you might want to thank Buzzfeed and their flea market abortion commercial.

Morocco Recognizes a Real War on Women

Morocco denies entry to Dutch abortion ship | Reuters.

Not to suggest that women are living under ideal conditions in Morocco, but that country has correctly identified a new War on Women, and have made a pre-emptive strike against it.

Warships are blocking the entry of the Dutch Abortion Ship into a harbor at Smir, in Northern Morocco.

The abortion ship wants to spread the chemical abortion message to Morocco. This involves the use of misoprostil to induce labor and expel a developing embryo or fetus. The use of this drug is fraught with hazard as the dosing is difficult and depends on the stage of gestation. The dose given early in gestation could be extremely hazardous given late term, when the uterus is so much more sensitive to its effects.

Abortion only adds to the hardships of women, along with the death that it brings to their babies. Why is it that Muslim nations are more able to see this than Christian nations?

Mother-of-two Sarah Catt terminated baby within week of due date using medication | Mail Online

Mother-of-two Sarah Catt terminated baby within week of due date using medication | Mail Online.

The above news story exemplifies the use of misoprostil alone in late term abortion.  Misoprostil (Cytotec) is a prostaglandin drug which causes uterine contractions and is used off label to induce labor.

The most common chemical abortion regimen utilizes mifepristone, a selective progestin receptor modulator, followed by misoprostil, to expel the embryo or fetus.

Planned Parenthood employs a regimen in which only a third of the recommended mifepristone is used, along with a large dose of misoprostil.    This is considered sufficiently effective, as the misoprostil will expel the unborn human dead or alive.

The woman in this Daily Mail story is said to have  killed her baby a week before full term, using misoprostil, which she bought online, to expel the baby.  At the time of writing, no one knows the location of the baby’s corpse.

The Reason for FDA Approval of Ella, Ulipristal Acetate is HERE

RU—Serious? Jennie McCormack, the Next “Roe”? Good Grief |

Jennie McCormack aborted her 5 month unborn baby using mifepristone and misoprostil which she purchased online.
She was charged for illegally obtaining those drugs, doing a home abortion, and violating the ban on abortions after 20 weeks. She is appealing her convictions with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The FDA approved Ella for use as a morning after pill in an effort to provide another avenue for procurement of drugs for home abortions. Ella, ulipristal acetate, is a chemical analog of RU-456, mifepristone, and, in sufficient doses, operates by the same mechanism. Ella can be obtained from an online pharmacy in Utah, and doing so would circumvent one of the laws which McCormack has broken in her home state of Idaho.

Indiana Senate Bill 72 – 2012 Regular Session | eLobbyist

Bill Text: IN Senate Bill 72 – 2012 Regular Session | eLobbyist.

It was fairly easy to get Indiana Senate bill 72 passed by the republicans with most of the meat hacked out of it. What’s left is a bill that stops telemed abortions. It requires certain info to be given to women before giving the drugs, but it does not require that the info on the safety of the drugs be accurate.
Abortionists do not have to report treatment failures or adverse events, deaths, hospitalizations, caused by use of the abortion drugs. Therefore the safety of the drugs can never be assessed or compared with that of childbirth.

The definition of abortion drug, which is the main thing left in the bill can be construed include Ella, (ulipristal acetate) when the doses are accumulated in sufficient quantity to induce a home abortion.

There is no longer a visible requirement that the abortion drugs be used according to the FDA approved label. Therefore planned unparenthood can continue its practice of using one third the recommended dose of mifepristone, double the dose of misoprostil, and ejecting the embryo or fetus dead or alive.

The top  link will lead you to what’s left of the bill as it leaves the senate.

Pharmacists will require special definitions of interceptive drugs, (which kill the early human embryo by stopping implantation), and and entirely separate legislation to be excused from dispensing the morning after pills, including Ella, which can be used for home abortions if the doses are accumulated.

Chemical Abortion

Pro-lifers recognize surgical abortion as killing humans, but not all of them recognize the scope of the problem presenting as chemical abortion. Generally we  recognize  mifepristone, the chemical formerly known as RU-486. The initial name of the drug  stayed with us, (the same as with the Artist formerly known as Prince).  Mifepristone is best known in the U.S. for its function to kill unborn humans during the embryonic stage, up to 49 days of pregnancy, although it has other investigational uses.

Meet the TWINS!  Ulipristal acetate and Mifepristone.  As you can see, they’re not quite identical, but very close. Both are selective progesterone receptor modulators.

Mifepristone, RU-486 is the most regulated drug in the U.S. Pharmacists don’t dispense it. It’s supposed to be dispensed only by physicians, directly to patients. In China and other countries it has been used as a morning after pill, as well as a killer of later embryos and early fetuses.

Those astute drug companies knew that this drug would not sell as a morning after pill in the U.S. That’s why we have it’s TWIN, Ulipristal Acetate, approved  by the FDA  in August , 2010,  and brought to us in by Watson Pharmaceuticals in December of the same year.  Watson also distributes Next Choice, generic of the original form of Plan B.

At 0.5mg/kg, Ulipristal Acetate, marketed as ELLA, is usable as a morning after pill. It’s marketed as an inhibitor of ovulation, but the manufacturer admits that the operative mechanism depends on the timing of its use. Like RU-486, Ulipristone is an anti-progesterone. It stops the action of that hormone in the reproductive tract, inhibits proliferation of the endometrium, inhibits implantation, and kills the embryo.

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Abortion Crackdown in Bangkok

Bangkok Post : Pills seized in abortion raid.

The Public Health Ministry of Thailand has seized large stores of illicit pharmaceuticals as part of an ongoing crackdown on illegal abortion clinics.  Earlier in November, 2002 aborted babies were found stored at a Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

Legal abortion in Thailand is  limited mainly  to cases of rape or incest, fetal abnormality, or ‘danger to the mother’s life’.

The health ministry’s action against illegal abortion clinics uncovered large stocks of MTpill (mifepristone) cytolog (misopristil),  antibiotics and drugs for impotence, at one of four illicit drug producers said to be located in Bangkok.

Article on the aftermath at the Buddhist temple (Wat Phai Ngern Chotanaram), containing much political double talk, is worth a read.

Pharmacist charged after he allegedly forces girlfriend to miscarry | | Star-Gazette

Pharmacist charged after he allegedly forces girlfriend to miscarry | | Star-Gazette.

Pharmacist Orbin Eeli Tercero, on the run after “allegedly” forcing the abortion of his unborn child, has been apprehended in New York, and will face multiple charges in his home state of Pennsylvania.

In brief, Tercero was engaged to one woman, but had a second mistress on the side whom he made pregnant. He is charged with using misoprostil, a prescription-only, prostaglandin analog to produce a miscarriage of the mistress’s 13 week old unborn baby, without her consent.

This is one more example of circumstances under which abortion is not a woman’s choice, but she is made to have one anyway.

Perhaps this pharmacist will be back in practice in time for Obamacare. Given his attention to medical and personal ethics, he’d probably fit right in.

The Problem Was with Putting the Baby’s Corpse Under The Christmas Tree

Strange but true…….. the main social difficulty that our pro abortion law recognizes is that the corpse was placed under the Christmas Tree.  Throwing similar bodies in a dumpster, generally will not result in significant penalty, as those in the abortion industry are well aware.

Very briefly,  Ruby Lee Medina induced an abortion-by-early-delivery of her baby at 7 months gestation, using misoprostil  (a drug sometimes used in medical abortions following mifepristone or methotrexate).   Sometime during or after this procedure, the baby died, and the corpse was cleaned and placed under the Christmas tree at the abode shared with her significant other, Javier Gonzalez.

If early induction abortion is carried out in this manner at hospitals,  there is no legal problem so long as the baby is born dead.   If the baby is born alive, a law (rarely enforced) is in place to ensure that the infant is given care, and not killed or left to die of exposure. 

The Illinois version of the above mentioned federal law was vehemently opposed by the current commander in chief,  Barack Hussein Obama. 

In other words,   inducing an early delivery of a baby at late term, and leaving him or her to die is OK with Obama, and he might only have difficulty with the sanitary practices concerning temporary storage of the body under the Christmas tree.   Or he might have difficulty with calling a Christmas tree by that name.

Again, killing a late term baby shortly before, during or shortly after birth is OK by Obama.   So, if you voted for this monster,  let your hearts not be troubled, but perhaps write to object to any legal penalties for the couple who killed their baby at their home.