Buzzfeed Puts Out Flea Market Abortion Commercial in Response to new Texas Regulations

Hans Johnson at Jill Stanek’s blog points out a Buzz feed news spot touting an “emerging” abortion pill market, now that Texas has passed late term abortion restrictions and modern medical standards regulating abortion clinics as outpatient surgical facilities.   The Buzz feeders are crying that abortion clinics will have to close, because they could never be expected to treat women as well as men are treated, during outpatient surgery by real physicians.   The Buzzfeed news spot is really a COMMERCIAL advertising the availability of diverted abortion pills, misoprostil (cytotec), on the black market.  Their suggestion that this market is emerging is an outright lie.   Misoprostil has been touted as an abortion pill on “women’s health” websites in multiple languages, around the world for a very long time.

buzzfeed news advertises misoprostil abortions

Hospitals have been completing home induced abortions for centuries.  Legalized abortion did not stop this.  The fact that Buzzfeed has just put out a commercial for flea market abortion in response to the new law in Texas might alter your opinion of them as a news source.
When your friendly pharmer practiced in retail  (ambulatory care setting)  prescriptions for misoprostil (Cytotec) without the non-steroidal drug with which it was supposed to be used were rejected.  The drug was contraindicated for use in pregnant women.  Such prescriptions for misoprostil alone were generally not legimate, and were for the purpose of home abortions.
Chemical abortions have been a major method touted in countries where abortion is considered morally wrong. Women are sold this drug to “start the menses” particularly in South American countries and the Philippines. It makes the abortion seem less wrong. Thanks to Hans Johnson for highlighting that significant marketing point in his article.

The extremely unsafe aspect of home abortions with misoprostil  is that the uterus has variable sensitivity to the drug depending on the time of gestation.   Later inductions with misoprostil are done with VERY TINY doses of  the drug are used, to avoid uterine rupture.   As many of us have heard before, Planned Parenthood uses the huge doses (like those required to stop bleeding) to expel an embryo or fetus early in pregnancy, with their mifepristone regimen.  Women are instructed to use an initial huge dose of Cytotec, and then keep taking the pills periodically until “something happens”.….. either abortion or uterine rupture.

If you see an uptick of deaths due to uterine rupture in the U.S., you might want to thank Buzzfeed and their flea market abortion commercial.

Caution to People Who Rejoice over 2009 CDC Abortion Data

New CDC data shows bungled abortion reporting in 2009.

Everyone is all abuzz over the 5% reduction in abortions shown in the 2009 CDC data. Instead they should be digging a bit deeper to see if the data really represents reality. Some pro-lifers target the reporters who expected an increase in abortions due to the economy. It’s true that poverty for women rose in 2009 and continues to do so.

The CDC is only able to count reported abortions, and therefore the data is necessarily incomplete. State laws requiring abortion reporting to a central agency vary from non-existent to un-enforceable.

The opportunity to induce home abortions and have them completed at hospitals has increased. These events cannot be reported as abortions unless the mom admits to doing something illegal, or accuses someone else of doing something illegal to her. Internet commerce has made home abortion chemistry much more accessible than in the past. Therefore it is unlikely that any numbers reported by the CDC are available. More recently Ulipristal acetate (Ella) has become available with online prescribing, providing a newer home abortion option using accumulated doses.

It should be noted that even without the above consideration, the CDC data on surgical plus mifepristone abortion is not comprehensive.

So far the joyful articles reporting the CDC abortion data of 2009 did not mention the LIMITATIONS section of the report, part of which is quoted below. Note that the CDC only reports 65 -69% of the abortions which are reported by the Alan Guttmacher Institute. Read on:

“The findings in this report are subject to at least four limitations. First, because reporting requirements are established by the individual reporting areas (17), the collection of data varies, and CDC is unable to obtain the total number of abortions performed in the United States. During the period covered by this report, the total annual number of abortions recorded by CDC was 65%–69% of the number recorded by the Guttmacher Institute (12,59), which uses numerous active follow-up techniques to increase the completeness of the data obtained through its periodic national census of abortion providers (12). Although most reporting areas collect and send abortion data to CDC, this information is given to CDC voluntarily. Consequently, during 2000–2009, seven of the 52 reporting areas did not provide CDC data on a consistent annual basis, and for 2009, CDC did not obtain any information from California, Delaware, Maryland, or New Hampshire.***** In addition, whereas most of the reporting areas that send abortion data to CDC have laws requiring medical providers to submit a report for every abortion they perform to a central health agency, in New Jersey and the District of Columbia, medical providers submit this information voluntarily (16). As a result, the abortion numbers these areas report to CDC are incomplete.††††† Moreover, even in states that legally require medical providers to submit a report for all the abortions they perform, enforcement of this requirement varies (60). Consequently, several other reporting areas tend to provide CDC with incomplete numbers.”

Morocco Recognizes a Real War on Women

Morocco denies entry to Dutch abortion ship | Reuters.

Not to suggest that women are living under ideal conditions in Morocco, but that country has correctly identified a new War on Women, and have made a pre-emptive strike against it.

Warships are blocking the entry of the Dutch Abortion Ship into a harbor at Smir, in Northern Morocco.

The abortion ship wants to spread the chemical abortion message to Morocco. This involves the use of misoprostil to induce labor and expel a developing embryo or fetus. The use of this drug is fraught with hazard as the dosing is difficult and depends on the stage of gestation. The dose given early in gestation could be extremely hazardous given late term, when the uterus is so much more sensitive to its effects.

Abortion only adds to the hardships of women, along with the death that it brings to their babies. Why is it that Muslim nations are more able to see this than Christian nations?

Indiana panel backs abortion pill limit | The Courier-Journal |

Indiana panel backs abortion pill limit | The Courier-Journal |

Dr. John Stutzman, medical director of Planned Parenthood of Indiana, (and apparently allowed to teach at Indiana University), is not happy with the passage of Senate Bill 72 through the Health Committee. He says that using 200mg of mifepristone for chemical abortion, instead of the FDA recommended 600mg dose is sufficient. Apparently their purpose of reducing the progesterone receptor blocker and increasing the drug that causes violent uterine contractions is to avoid “side effects”. Planned parenthood sends the woman home with double the recommended dose of misoprostil to expel the embryo or fetus dead or alive.

No one is counting the failures which end up at our hospitals to have the abortion job finished up, and mind you, planned parenthood is NOT interested in having to report said failures so they can be tabulated and evaluated. (That requirement had already been removed from the bill.)

Whether the abortion job is finished by the chemical method or by follow up at a hospital (transferring liability to the hospital, and expense to that institution or to us) it is deemed a success at planned parenthood.

More commentary from Catholic News out of Ft. Wayne.

Stanek weekend question: Why would a group promoting emergency contraception encourage men to buy it? – Jill Stanek

Stanek weekend question: Why would a group promoting emergency contraception encourage men to buy it? – Jill Stanek.

Found at the backupyourbirthcontrol site was encouragement for males to buy emergency contraception for their sex partners.  There seems to be huge support and encouragement people to have sex with those whom they don’t really like.  Jill Stanek’s weekend question got right to the heart of the matter, and bears repeating.

Plan B One-step (levonorgestrel 150 mcg) is the form which is available over the counter, and which may be purchased by both males and females.
Here is a Blast from the Past from pharmacy academics who favored the availability of the original Plan B  for use in  underage females.  This was the intended result of bringing the drug over the counter.
(If you read the entirety of  THIS article, you can appreciate the utter incompetence of one of the academics referenced in the Blast from the past link.)

It’s  important to remember that these morning after pills are NOT very effective.  The efficacy  is about 60 percent per SINGLE use.   Used repeatedly, the drugs are an absolute joke for preventing pregnancy.  Encouraging reliance upon the morning after pills (Ella included) is really an efficient  way to sell surgical or later forms of chemical abortions.   Encouraging guys to believe that the pill can increase their access to sex is a smart marketing move for the abortionists.  It also places the health and well being of girls and women at risk, since males can give them the drug without their consent.

It is a public service for Jill Stanek to have asked this question about the marketing of morning after pills to males.  This question needs to be repeated whenever and wherever possible, to highlight the rationale behind the morning after pills.

Ella  (ulipristal acetate, analog of RU-486 mifepristone) is available for morning after use by an ONLINE PRESCRIBING process.   It’s easy to obtain fraudulently and doses can be accumulated for later chemical abortions initiated at home.   This mechanism was allowed by the FDA in order to make up for the shortfall of physicians willing to do surgical abortions.

The only positive aspect of this scenario is that it is ultimately self-limiting.  Enhanced by the immunosuppressive qualities of the progestins, Chlamydia trachomatis and other STD organisms can help to prevent further propagation of people with this socially destructive mindset.

New bill could prevent pharmacists from denying contraception prescriptions to customers –

New bill could prevent pharmacists from denying contraception prescriptions to customers –

Two legislators, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y are pushing a bill to deny pharmacists the right of conscience with respect to dispensing hormonal birth control.

Scroll one article down to see what Pharmer had to say about Sebelius pretending that the rights of conscientious objectors would be respected in the Obama birth control plan.