Jessie Duff’s Gun Lesson for Voters

Watch as This Woman Proves She Knows More About Guns & Marksmanship Than You (Probably) Ever Will | Video |

After you watch this, you’ll know much more about guns than most of your politicians who presume to regulate them.   The major take home point is that the proposed legislation will have more effect on  guns which shoot small caliber bullets, and not those which would clean out a room, or put a huge hole in a target.  Obviously the regulations are not intended for protection.  Overall, the government wants to remove access to the guns which are easiest for smaller people to manipulate and shoot accurately.



Drug Shortages Are Speeding Cancer Deaths, Survey Says

Drug Shortages Are Speeding Cancer Deaths, Survey Says.

The above claim comes from the results of an Epocrates survey of prescribers. The participants are paid a bit for their time, but the input is stirred up to make the submissions anonymous. What they found is that slightly less than half of the oncologists think that the drug shortages of chemotherapeutic agents have caused recurrences of tumors in their patients. This is due to the inability to properly schedule their treatment regimens due to short supplies. About 40 percent of the respondents think that some patients have died sooner as a result.

This article attributes most of the problem to economics: inadequate reimbursement for generic injectables, which discourages production. Pharmer recognizes the contribution of tax rates and government regulatory burdens from employment, to work place, environment, and production to the problem. The documentation of compliance imposes a dizzying cost, preventing new starts into production of pharmaceuticals.

There’s a Drug Shortage Prevention Act being pushed through to address this problem. It appears to address the manner of FDA oversight of drugs on the market to prevent that agency from causing more shortages, but apparently not the reimbursement issue. This might be best, if the cost of drug production is significantly reduced.

Pharmer likes to watch Medscape, because a lot of useful information is distilled there, though by no means without bias. In order to see most of the articles, you have to join. Check it out.

The Main Reason That Raising Taxes Does Not Raise Revenue

As the Global Economy Falls, the Black Market Rises |

As the above ground businesses are taxed / regulated out of existence or forced to migrate elsewhere,  the Black Market Grows.

The article linked at the top assures us that the underground economy is the second largest economy,  with a GDP well in excess of 10 trillion dollars yearly.

A map at the site displays the portion of economies around the world which are underground.  A new euphemism for black markets,  System D, for debrouillard, has been coined by Robert Neuworth, to convey his impression of  the self reliant sorts of people who make their living in the black  markets.  Excluding gun running, drugs, and slavery,  Neuwirth does not see an inherent moral problem with the underground economy.

Sebelius tells Mennonite Insurer To Reverse Rate Hike

Obama tells insurer to reverse rate hike – Washington Times.

Up front, you should know that insurers don’t have to do what Kathleen Sebelius says, but are expected to publicly justify the increases on  The Everence report is posted HERE, and mentions that the increase is in response to three years of posting loses on that group of insurance offerings.

Health and Human Services, which can’t do math, is saying that the Everence Insurance company is using national data rather than Pennsylvania data to predict losses.    The company has jacked rates on small group plans affecting about 5000 people.

Why are insurers raising their rates?   With the economy failing, the healthiest people are the most likely to trim health care insurance from their expenses.  This leaves the less healthy ones, who know they have to keep coverage, still on board.  Less income, more costs.
We don’t need the government to control and ruin the health insurance industry. If those affected small groups hate the Everence increase a lot, they’ll shop for cheaper plans. Under the guise of regulating prices, the government is working to kill insurance companies, and force us into a one provider system.

Government Raids on Gibson Guitars

Gibson Guitar company has been raided for the second time over their supposed use of rare (endangered ) wood in making musical instruments.

Gibson is suing the government (Forestry and Wildlife agency) over a half million dollars in materials seized in 2009.  This second raid occurred just before the lawsuit trial date.

Indian authorities have certified the exportation of rosewood and ebony finger boards to be sent to Gibson guitars.  The U.S. government interprets Indian law differently to state that somehow the fingerboards are not legally obtained by Gibson.

Note…… it’s not just Gibson guitars which utilizes these fingerboards from India. It’s obvious to any guitarist who has shopped for various instruments. Gibson is singled out among the many musical instrument manufacturers for abuse.

Here’s WSJ coverage of Gibson’s woes and the fears that any musicians have over bringing instruments through customs.

The government is attempting to shut down Gibson Guitar Co. Hope and Change! Laser-like focus on JOBS!