Government Raids on Gibson Guitars

Gibson Guitar company has been raided for the second time over their supposed use of rare (endangered ) wood in making musical instruments.

Gibson is suing the government (Forestry and Wildlife agency) over a half million dollars in materials seized in 2009.  This second raid occurred just before the lawsuit trial date.

Indian authorities have certified the exportation of rosewood and ebony finger boards to be sent to Gibson guitars.  The U.S. government interprets Indian law differently to state that somehow the fingerboards are not legally obtained by Gibson.

Note…… it’s not just Gibson guitars which utilizes these fingerboards from India. It’s obvious to any guitarist who has shopped for various instruments. Gibson is singled out among the many musical instrument manufacturers for abuse.

Here’s WSJ coverage of Gibson’s woes and the fears that any musicians have over bringing instruments through customs.

The government is attempting to shut down Gibson Guitar Co. Hope and Change! Laser-like focus on JOBS!