Mediaite Tommy Christopher Echoes Worry- His Guy, Rubio, Will Be Palinized

Matt Lewis Says ‘They’ Are Trying To ‘Palinize’ Sen. Marco Rubio | Mediaite.

Tommy Christopher is afraid that the republican hope for 2016, Marco Rubio, will be savaged by the media if he doesn’t know which magic meme of the day to recite when questioned about matters of faith and science.  This is politics in the era of Obamigula.  Of special concern is a GQ interview asking Rubio how old he thinks the Earth is.  Rubio gave a decent answer, mentioning that the age of the earth is in dispute, and that  it has nothing to do with the current economic  problems of the U.S. That’s not magic enough for Christopher.

Journalosts who have zero training or understanding of the scientific method, seem endlessly to bloviate and “redund-iate” on matters of science, thereby lowering the IQ of their readers.
Normal people, to Christopher (not his real name) are those who think that they know how old the earth is by reading a single one of the theories about its age.
A person who has a real training in science would know that the age of the earth is not definitively determined from available evidence, with this being apart from the religious body of creation allegories, parables or metaphors. However, to be “normal” in Christopher’s mind is to accept one possible theory of the earth’s age and declare it to be “fact”.
We have endless other “normal” people, whose intelligence has been attenuated by reading journalostic output, who are ready to gut the world economies, due to a belief in anthropogenic global warming (now called climate change). Fraud after fraud has been perpetrated by global -warming-climatologists, yet the faith of the “normal” remains unshaken.
The idea that stress of violence is not conducive to fertility has been morphed into a mechanism of “sperm killing magic” by the medically illiterate journalost, linked above, and then falsely attributed to Todd Akin. Other journolosts, not criticized above, have actually promulgated the idea that rape is a process which increases fertility, from rape claim data acquired in countries where premarital sex is still bears considerable social stigma. Other  U.S. studies have been  cited, which were carried out  after 1993, when a rape claim would bring medicaid funding for abortion. Such a situation of conditionally funded abortion  has made Illinois rather famous for rape.  (Christopher’s “Normal” people wouldn’t understand the problem with such study designs.)
Christopher joins the chorus of the ignorant, still ripping on Sarah Palin, and earns the undying disrespect of yours truly, who fully understands why Palin might not  want to read their output. She was exposed to training in their methodology of crap-sausage production.
Hurt journalostic feelings is likely the reason why the chorus still has their knives out for Palin.

Just Letting Those RNC Folks Know……

Possibly the Harvard graduates at the Republican National Committee are not smart enough to understand that if you shrink the birth rate to below replacement rate, there won’t be enough people to support the elderly, and society will switch to a plan of denying health care and other support in order to conserve resources. On the other hand, it might be that they have the same plan for our elderly, disabled, and very young as the democrats do. The birth rate in 2011 is as low as ever recorded in the U.S. That announcement comes from the CDC’s data for 2011.
During the time leading up to the election, your friendly Pharmer was busy, and had no time for the RNC. She was too busy sending donations to the candidates they threw under the bus, among the myriad other work, domestic and political activities.
Soo, yours truly decided to drop an opinion at their site today. It’s short and sweet.

Mr. Priebus et al,

Social policy is intertwined with fiscal policy inextricably. Much of the reason for the debt crisis, to which the republicans paid lip service, is due to population demographics. It’s a conservative estimate that over a hundred million Americans are NOT here due to the propensity of people for killing their offspring prior to birth. If you were wondering how to fix social security and medicare, please get a clue.
I was practically born a republican, and proudly 1st-voted for Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter. The RNC does not want me or my kind in the party. We do not fit the agenda. After the RNC violated Reagan’s 11 commandment by throwing pro-life candidates under the bus for incorrect phraseology, it became clear that it’s time for me to move on. I donated to the candidates whom you tossed out.
I am a blogger, public speaker, and health care professional, I am no longer Republican, and am taking as many people to tea-party with me as I can.

Clint Eastwood and the Empty Chair

If talking to empty chairs is bad, Obama needs to start holding rallies in broom closets | The Daily Caller.

Everyone’s talking about Clint Eastwood’s surprise comedy routine at the Republican convention last night.
The first thing that came to Pharmer’s mind, looking at that chair,  was the  Sedevacantists (the Catholic group which believes that the chair of the Pope has been empty since Pope Pius XII). Perhaps Clint is a political Sedevacantist.
It’s not unreasonable to believe  that the chair of the U.S. president has been empty since Bush left. The judgment that such an occupant should have is certainly absent.

Clint Eastwood appears to have upset  mmm mmm mmm,  Barack Hussein Obama, who responded with a tweet:  “This seat’s taken”, and a rear view of his seated highness,  which you can see  HERE.


Insiders: Romney Is Top GOP 2012 Contender, Daniels Second – Hotline On Call

Insiders: Romney Is Top GOP 2012 Contender, Daniels Second – Hotline On Call.

Check out the lists at the above article, and notice that the insider Republican list corresponds very closely with that of the “Enemies” (Democrats).

This tells Pharmer that Insiders R NOT US.

Mitch Daniels is somewhat a fiscal conservative (but not totally) and could not be called a social conservative. Many Indiana “Republicans” are more liberal than the local Democrats.

My Way News Gamely Clings to the Fantasy that Most Voters Prefer Democrats

though the reporter states that only a third of those polled want their incumbent back in 2010.

My Way News – AP-GfK Poll: Only a third want own lawmakers back.

Now for a bit of reality…….

This is an interim election.  Pharmer’s area of the country would be characterized as “Reagan Democrat” in its demographics.   This was not reflected in the primary voter  turnout on May 4th  with 81 percent of voters asking for the Republican ballot, and 19 percent asking for the Democrat ballot.

Soooooooo, if these figures are any indicator of the voter turnout in November:    Bye Bye,  Lefties.    So Long, Baron Hill.